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My Clarity (stand-alone) - M.  Clarke From the moment I started this book I was caught up in Alex's story. I was heartbroken from the beginning when she loses her father. I think since I lost my father just 2 short years ago, that pain was still there, which in turn made this story more real to me. Clarke could have taken the easy way out and just started the book off with Alex leaving for college and just telling us readers what happened. Instead she started it at a very crucial time, when Alex is saying goodbye to her father after he loses his battle to cancer. In just a few pages, you hurt with Alex. You feel her pain. And you become that much more connected to her character. If Clarke wouldn't have begun with that scene, well, this story probably wouldn't have clicked with me like it did.

MY CLARITY is full of characters that readers are going to enjoy. From the moment that Alex introduces herself, the others welcome her into their 'family' with open arms. Which makes starting college a little easier for her. They are exactly what each other needs. To me, Alex completed their family and made it whole. I loved seeing that unity of people who are so close, even if they don't know much about one another. And yeah, I definitely wouldn't hate to see the other's stories being told either. Just sayin.

Alex and Elijah's story really is a captivating one. I couldn't bring myself to pull away from it. I stayed up late reading until my eyes couldn't stay open any longer, only to wake up the next morning to finish it. I loved that they fought each other so hard in the beginning but in the end, they gave in. But that is not where the story comes to a close. Oh no. Like it would be that easy. A situation arises and pretty much an ultimatum is given. This is where we see if love really is enough. Choices have to be made and those choices will affect their future greatly.

Tears will be shed, and laughter will be had. All in all, the one thing I can say is this book was definitely worth the read and staying up late for. I absolutely recommend this book to those who love New Adult/College time frame reads. 5 Wonderful Stars!