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Never Let You Go - Michele G.  Miller “One day, a handsome savior came to my rescue and told me I was a Princess. Fairy tales do come true, and if you want to ride your horse barefoot in a field with your groom watching you, then by God we’ll make it happen.”
“I almost believe you.”


I was really looking forward to this book ever since I finished NEVER LET YOU FALL. But I had no idea how much I would end up falling for this one. It absolutely blew book one out of the water. At least in my opinion. The author gives us an incredibly well written story and I just know you are going to love it as much as I did.

I loved the direction the author took with the characters. Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Or does it send you straight into the arms of another man? I understand why Skye left. She believed she was protecting Xander. But while at the enemy's castle and under McClintock's thumb, a new relationship forms with Nickoli. Of course it starts out as friendship, but soon there are feelings even Skye cannot explain.

“All of those difficulties I can handle. But you being in love with him? Already making him your choice? I can’t deal with that, Skye…I just can’t.”

I do love Xander. Have ever since the beginning of the series. But I also found my feelings shifting towards Nickoli. And it was something I totally didn't see coming. I expected to hate Nickoli for the sole reason of who he was and who he is related to. But it just didn't happen. In fact, my feelings only grew stronger as the story moved forward.

I would absolutely love to tell you a pivotal part of the story but I just can't because it would give so much away. And seriously, there is several pivotal parts at the end. It is tearing me up inside to get them out by telling someone. Just know that something huge happens at that the end and it will affect so much. Then there is another twist soon after that is going to blow up Skye's world even more. Oh the feels!!!

Love everything about this one and I am terribly excited to see what happens next. A war as to which these characters have never before seen is about to take place. Will they be able to stop it in time? The anticipation is numbing.