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I loosen my grip and when I do, so does he. But this whole thing has unhinged me. Nothing is the same. My entire life has been rewritten. I’m a character in a novel and I’m not sure how this story is going to end.

This book was not at all what I was expecting. I am not even sure what I was expecting, because I had forgotten over time what the book was even about. That is a little habit of mine. I read the blurb, then by the time I read the book, it has been some time and I have no idea what it is about. Another thing, I know this author will give me a good read no matter what. But with this story…it was an absolutely thrilling read. You get so caught up in everything going on, that you forget about the going-on of the real world.

I was so caught up this story that I didn't realize I had spent hours captivated by the book. Missed lunch? Who cares! Drexel is enough to satisfy my hunger. This guy was intense and fiery! He comes charging in and you just have to give him all your attention. He demands it and we readers gladly hand it over. He is very confident of himself, but not in an annoying cocky way. He knows what he wants and he goes after it. But that is all on the outside. Inside, he has a few issues that he has to work through. Issues from his past that have wrecked his life in more ways than one. But with Gemini entering his world, he is able to face those issues head on. And I really loved reading about him.

Gemini is another character that you just have to love. I had a connection with her from beginning, starting with the prologue. She was once an adventurous girl with big dreams until her biking accident. Now she is just a shell of a girl that is just existing, getting by with a little help from her friends...her meds and illegal drugs. They help her get through her crippling migraines. Throw in some terrorists that are after her and life just seems to be getting better and better for her. *insert sarcastic sigh here*

This book was a definite page turner and I was gladly giving up a day of cleaning to see how it all worked out in the end. Hubs? Yeah not so much. He just doesn’t see the justification of a dirty house just to read a book. Men! What do they know? I will say this…this book is perfect for any gender. There is action and suspense that will appeal to the men in your life. Read it and recommend it to them. TRAGIC DESIRES is so very suspenseful, an absolute thriller, and amazingly hot! Hargrove gives us not just a book full of words but an adventure so intense, it will have you hanging on to every word. 5 Suspenseful Stars!