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Heart Breaker (An AnguiSH Novella)

Heart Breaker (An AnguiSH Novella) - Lila Felix
“Everyone is afraid of orchids. They think they’ll give them too much water, or not enough. So they pass them by. Ash never passed me by. The rest of the world thought I was fickle and out of reach. She never did. And everything she does is just right for me.”

Breaker is well on his way, back to a life in public with Ash by his side. All is right between them until a foe named Doubt makes a greedy appearance. Ash soon becomes consumed with it and wonders if Breaker really needs her in his life anymore?

In most instances, I was strong—I could handle anything. But something about Breaker James—well, broke me. I guess that’s the other tough thing about love—it exposes your weaknesses and shines a spotlight on them.
Apparently one of my weaknesses was feeling like Breaker didn’t need me anymore.
That his need for me in his life had come and gone.
Fizzled to nothing.


Can Breaker get any more adorable? Yes. Yes, he can. Seriously, how on earth did Ash allow something so petty get between them? The words of love he recites to her everyday is enough to make even the strongest weak in their knees. He loves his girl something fierce. But even he isn't immune to that dastardly devil. He too wonders if he will always be good enough for Ash. They have some issues they need to work through before they can truly be happy together.

Breaker was breaking me again.
God, it felt beautiful to be broken.


A perfect little novella that will have you remembering why you fell in love with Breaker and Ash to begin with. And have you falling for them all over again. Felix gives us such a beautiful story, a beautiful romance. My heart is so full! Absolutely, a must read!

“I love you more today than bikini day.”
She giggled, “I love you more today than lights in the library day.”