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Love and Decay 2, Episode One

Love and Decay 2, Episode One - Rachel Higginson
It was hard to believe in God when the world around me resembled hell so strongly. But then there were moments like this. There were situations I survived when I shouldn’t have. There were minutes added to my life that should not exist. There were miraculous drives home in which a vehicle this beat up should not have made it- but it did. And I did. I continued to breathe, to think, to live. I continued to survive despite this decay, despite this horrid death that crept into every part of my existence but my own life and the lives of those people I loved most.

Oh glorious day! I am thrilled beyond belief to be back in Higginson's wonderful world of zombies. I was over the moon when asked if I wanted to read an ARC of season 2 episode 1. Um, would riots ensue if Daryl was killed on The Walking Dead? Hell to the yes! I jumped at the chance to read an ARC. I have missed these people something fierce. Especially Reagan and Hendrix. Hallelujah! It is about time these books returned!

Because as much as Hendrix loved me. And the boy absolutely did love me… He wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet right into my temple if I happened to get bit.
And that, my dear End-of-the-World survivors, was true, everlasting love.


Life is somewhat better since we last heard from everyone. Meaning it is stable for the time being. The threat of Matthias is still present. But life continues. No one knows for certain if Kane is dead or alive. No one has seen him when out scouting. But no news doesn't necessarily mean good news.

I really wasn't expecting this book to be all that intense. I was actually thinking that Higginson would just give us all a read that slowly got us back into the groove of things in their zombie infested world. Kind of a 'here is what’s been going on update' kind of story. Yeah, so not happening. From the start to the very end the story was absolutely crazy. The story was intense (as usual). And the story was amazing (as usual). I loved every minute of it and so glad to be back with everyone again.

I was the kind of girl that strapped on a semi-automatic, and a sawed-off and blew the head off anything that tried to come near my man.
I didn’t play homemaker. I played backup. That was the only love language I could speak.


Another must read episode to an all new season!! I am so glad it is back and give mad props to Higginson for bringing it back with a bang!!