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The Minaldi Legacy

The Minaldi Legacy - Courtney Cole I was a little apprehensive when I started THE MINALDI LEGACY. Just knowing it was a dark romantic read had me a little nervous. I usually do not do well with those type reads. But I got to admit that it wasn't anything like I thought it would be. Yeah, there were some scenes that made me feel a little awkward, but nothing too serious. I really enjoyed the story and the incredible suspense that radiated from between the pages.

The whole first half you are not entirely sure if this is going to be a paranormal read or not. It is crazy intense not knowing and trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with Luca. Which leads me to him. I adored him, I hurt for him, and I wanted to protect him...throughout the whole read. He was in desperate need of some help and Eva was just the right girl for the job. She had this desperate and urgent need to be around him and mend him. There was such an amazing connection between the two from the moment Luca charges into her cottage and defends her against a non-venomous spider. He is my kind of hero!

Her soul is so beautiful and I know that I will break it. Against every lingering shred of my will, I know that I will break it. I sigh raggedly in the dark room.
She’s beautiful and gentle and God would never give me someone like her and allow it to work. He wouldn’t.
Yet still I clutch her.
She is soft beneath my fingers and I know that I should let go. That I should get up from this bed and
never come back.
But I can’t.
The selfish part of me can’t do it.

The story is so very frightening and beautiful all in one. Yes, there is more fright than beauty, but it is the beauty that makes it all worth it. Luca has a lot of issues to work through and it will be quite the battle as he does. But everything worth having is worth fighting for, that is for sure.

In the end, I am truly happy I was asked by Cole to review this book. It was a great read and I love one that challenges me to seek the answer of the mystery. I love finding out in the end if I guessed right. And although, I was semi right in my guessing, I was happy that Cole outsmarted me and revealed something more. Great story...5 thrilling stars!