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RecruitZ (Afterworld, #1) - Karice Bolton Having her husband ripped from her arms by the very things she thought they'd already survived, Rebekah makes it her life's work to find out who and what is behind her husband’s death. Even if it means alienating herself from her friends. Along the way she meets Preston, who in turn helps her in her search of answers. What they find is beyond anything they could ever imagine. But this is the Afterworld after all, so anything is possible. And no one is to be trusted.

This is one story that will have you on the edge of your seat from the very start all the way through. It is intense...it is frenzied...it is absolutely amazing. If I wasn't already a fan of Bolton's, this one would be the one to make me that fangirl. But I already knew that Bolton is one heck of an author. I've read her other work. I know she has what it takes to give us readers a great read and sexy characters. Even if they are being hunted by the undead.

I always love some romance with my reads, and this one just didn’t have it. But it did have zombies, so it definitely made up for the lack of romance. I will say that there is hinting of romance. And I look forward to it in the next one. Because if I know Bolton, she was itching to write some and knew that it just wasn’t the right time for it. And it wasn’t. There is a time and place for romance to happen and Bolton just needed to lay the ground work for the story. I am sure she didn’t want to rush into it, with all that is going on in this book.

I adored this read and its fast paced flow. The reader is constantly on the go with everything that is happening and I think it was absolutely perfect for this story. I am truly looking forward to what is going to happen in ALIBIZ with Rebekah and Preston. 5 Gory Stars from me and a definite must read!