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Wide Open (Wide Awake, #2)

Wide Open (Wide Awake, #2) - Shelly Crane I was constantly grabbing on to the moments that would make me feel something other than emptiness and guilt. And as soon as it left, I was back to wondering how I was going to make it through the day.

Milo has his ghosts he has to deal with daily. It is something he has dealt with the last 2 years with the help of his best friend, Joey. He goes to work, he works out, and he keeps his mind and hands busy so he doesn't fall back into his old, bad habits. Maya has her own ghosts as well. She helps out at the local community center with those who are facing their own addictions, all while taking care of her brother. Together they face an uncertain future while battling their pasts and their secrets. Their relationship may be too much for them both. Will they succeed? Will they fall apart? Will they fall in love? Only time will tell.

As much as I wanted her, as much as she set me on fire, more than anything else, I wanted her to open up her soul and let me into that part of her she didn't let anyone else see.

Crap. I don't know if I have read a story by Crane that was so deep and so emotional. This book was definitely one of those that is hard to put down due to the attachment it had on me from the start. This book will be one that so many will be able to relate to. It was one of those powerful reads that make you think about yourself...the way you are living your life. Am what I doing in this life enough? Will I look back and have regrets? Well, that is how I saw it.

He smiled, but didn't crack any jokes. He leaned in, taking me in his arms and pressing his lips to my ear. "Fall, sweetheart. I'll catch you."

I hurt so badly for Maya mostly and had a connection with her from the start. Not that I had a past even close to hers...it was just her that I connected to. She was easy to love and easy to care about. And really? How much loss can one person take? Milo also has a heart that just makes you feel for him. And boy was he swoon worthy once he got the help he needed and cleaned up. Most everything that came out of his mouth was enough to make any girl weak in the knees. But it was all real and not just to get the girl. Of course he wanted to get the girl, but he wasn't looking for something short term. He wanted Maya for always.

He leaned toward me and stopped with very little room between us. I waited. "How far do you want me to chase you, Maya?"
I breathed, "As far as it takes."


Absolutely and most definitely a must read. I think it was my favorite of Crane's ever. Even though Merrick (Collide Series) will always be my favorite Crane Guy, I just loved this story that affected me so much. It truly was a fabulous read that touched me. I recommend it to any and all out there that love an enchanting romance with characters that aren't perfect and have imperfect pasts. 5 Big Ol' Stars from me!