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If Alice thought Wonderland was twisted, it had nothing on Lunar Manor.


Oh. Stupid. Me. Stupid, brainless me. I went through this whole entire book absolutely in love with the story. Couldn't have asked for a better read. In fact I really looked forward to this one because the author's other book TASTE was so darn amazing. I knew I would get a fabulous, well written read with this one, too, and I did. But why am I so clueless? Because I didn't link SAVOR and TASTE together until after I finished the read. I blame that one the countless books that have fell in between the time I read TASTE and up until SAVOR. Too many to name. I hate when that happens, too. UGH! I am seriously in need of a reread.

I kept praying that the author would continue on with TASTE. And it seems I got my wish without even knowing it. Consider TASTE as a prequel to SAVOR. But the thing is...I think readers (who haven't read TASTE yet) should read this one first. There was such suspense about this one. Especially if you have forgotten some of the characters from TASTE. Shaking my head at how I could forget them. Again, I blame all those books I've read since then.

As the book is moving along and you think it is just another Chick Lit read, but something along the way keeps nudging you in the back every so often whispering "Hey, that's not normal. Something fishy is going on here." And low and behold, that little voice is right. But I thought the author did one heck of a job introducing the paranormal aspect to the story. Word by word you realize it was there all along. And it is like a slap in the face. A good slap, of course. Oh and prepare yourself for the yummy scenes. There are lots of them. Lots!

I look back at my review of TASTE and saw how I loved Demitri and Luka. Gah! I wish to hell I could remember them better. I just remember loving the story so stinkin much . Yes, as soon as I find me so downtime I am rereading that book. But I was wholeheartedly in love with Luka this time around for sure. I don't think I will be forgetting that boy anytime soon. Actually I adored all the characters. Well, except for Calixta. I still didn't care much for her. But all the secondary ones were fabulous.

Now that brings me to Dakota. I do believe this is the first time I have read a story about a girl with an eye patch. At first you are probably thinking that the author is crazy for thinking such a thing. And that I am utterly crazy for liking such a character. But honestly? That is real to me. And you will see what I mean as the story continues on. The whole back story around Dakota is such a mystery. I do believe you are going to love the realness of this girl. She is definitely not letting her disability hamper her life. She makes the most of it. And in just the short time she is with Vicious her confidence is really boosted.

I am desperately in need of book 2, RELISH. Like now. Right this second. This is a must, must read folks!