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Loved this story...loved the characters, loved the storyline...just loved it. I mean, how absolutely great is this storyline? An author and a blogger falling in love? I haven't seen this story done before and glad that someone finally took the ball and ran with it. Letting us bloggers having a little bit of time in the spotlight.

In fact, I love that Hargrove used a few of us bloggers in her story. (It’s one of those cases of the last names have been changed to hide the real identity of those involved kind of things.) But I thought it was an absolute genius idea to add us. Especially me. (Ha!) And in no way does that play apart in my rating this book 5 big ol' stars. That is all due to that wonderful storyline. I am just glad I play a sensible role in this one. The other book I was in had me as a drunken groupie. Ah, such is the life of a book blogger. But seriously love the relationship between everyone in the story. Bloggers and readers alike form certain bonds and it is like a family. If not stronger.

Now Ryland was my most favorite part of the story. He is one of those good guys...the ones that was raised right and knows how to treat a lady. So glad to see his fame as an author didn't leave him cocky and all turd like. I think it is refreshing to see a good guy in a book every now and then. And Hargrove wrote him to perfection. Sure he has issues...who doesn't? He is still one of my most favorite guys of 2013. Ab-so-lutely.

There was a one-two sucker punch nearing the end that had me literally gasping. My heart was in pieces for Fallon and I am sure you will be the same way when you get to it. How dare some people! How freakin’ dare them. I was coming unglued and needed Fallon to get her justice.

I can't wait until everyone gets a chance to read this one. Hargrove keeps getting better and better with her stories and I cannot wait for more of her stuff. I started this book late in the evening and did not put it down until nearly 1 am. I had to finish it before I fell asleep or I would have been up all night tossing and turning wondering what happened to them. Would they find their way back to each other? Yes, it was a must I finished the book before I went to sleep. So what are you waiting for? Go get it and prepare yourself for some fun times and epic romance!