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Love and Decay, Episode Twelve (Love and Decay #12)

Love and Decay, Episode Twelve (Love and Decay #12) - Rachel Higginson It is finally time for the group to have the much anticipated showdown with Matthias. Though the group think they have it under some sort of control, they soon realize how wrong they are. Matthias pulls an ace out of his sleeve from the start leaving everyone stunned. Chaos erupts and their lives are all in jeopardy. No one will be safe. No one.

"If we just started shooting each other, killing in the same cold blooded we struggled to survive in, we were as lost and hopeless as the Zombie-fied world we suffered through.
And I couldn’t' let that happen."


This episode will leave you absolutely breathless from the start until finish. Since this series started I don't think I felt so much tension while reading an episode or held my breath quite so much as I did with this one. This one definitely had me on the edge of my seat (literally speaking of course) the entire read.

My heart was breaking fearing the worse for Hendrix. I just knew that if anything was wrong with him, well, me and Mrs. Higginson were going to have words. And Reagan! That girl is one kick arse character if I have ever read one. She fights through a concussion and makes a way where there isn't one. Just love her so much!

I also think this book summed up my feelings for Kane as well. If I thought I had any kind feelings towards him…that was all brought to a sudden stop. Nothing, I repeat, nothing will ever convince me to have any sort of feels for him ever again. Ever. I loathe him and his father something fierce. Unfortunately, I don't think we've seen the last of them.

Higginson gave us readers something phenomenal this year in the form of a series about love and zombies. Zombies and love. Something simple yet different. Something amazing...something great! Now, I just need to know how I will make it through the side effects of going without, shakes and all, until February when Season Two is published. For the love of all that is holy...read this series!