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False Start (Love and Skate, #5) - Lila Felix “I don’t pity you. But that’s fine. Run away.”
“I’m walking, not running,” I said, already making my way to the door.
“The only difference is speed,” I heard her whisper to the air, since she probably didn’t think I was listening.


Rex is closed off, seeking out the solitude in all things. He has a past that has kept him from being comfortable around others. But when he loses his father, his half-brother brings him to Louisiana and into the arms of a ready-made family. Hayes can't seem to find a guy she deems worthy of a second date. Tired of being alone she takes a chance and asks Rex out, only to make a fool of herself on the phone. Little did she know that phone call would be the start of something amazing between the two. Together they will find the hope in one another to overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Goodness me. Lila, your men are something else. No matter the book, you give us such amazing male characters. Why are they not real? They need to be. Speaking of these guys, Rex is one of my favorites. I love that he is more broodier than the others. He has layers that are more complex than the others. He has a freaking beard…um, yummy! No I am not talking Duck Dynasty beard...but there is enough scruff to make you giddy. At least I was giddy. I love an author not afraid to give her MC a little facial hair. It seems to be lacking in a lot of the stuff I've been reading lately.

“I can’t stand for you not to look at me. Come on,” I said it all in a rush, climbing into the bed, “Just go ahead, get your eye full. I know you want to see the tats.”
She looked at me, her blush still in full force. “Give me the tour. Start with the first one.”


Oh did I forget tats? My bad. Yeah he has them.

But let’s not forget the ladies of the series. They are the heart and soul of the family. They are the true backbone that keeps everyone together and everything running smoothly. We just like to pretend it is Falcon. ;) But what a great addition to the series Hayes is. First of all...love the name. Secondly, the girl really knows how to put Rex in his place. She isn't afraid of hurting his feelings. And she is exactly what he needs to pull him from his funk and back to the land of the living. Let’s give her some credit…his own brother couldn’t do this great feat.

May he what? See my tattoo? Yes. Touch my leg? Hell, yes. Push my dress back up with his very big hands, Hell, yes, please.

See why I love this girl? She is snarky and fun and I couldn't get enough of her.

I thought I was doing great getting through 99% of the book without crying. Because let’s face it, Lila always makes me cry. What I wasn't planning on was that last 1% coming at me head on. I know I should have been better prepared. I mean Lila did spring this on me months ago. But even so, nothing can really prepare you for this. Nothing. Break out the tissues and settle in for one heck of a fabulous read.

I have said it before and I truly mean it...I find that with each of the books of the series, they just keep getting better and better. Yes, there is so much emotion and so much romance in each of them. But with this being the last, it was so bittersweet. But wait! There is some hinting (ok, flat-out telling us) that this is not the last we have heard of these characters. Lila has her work cut out for herself when she does decide to dive back in to this amazing world she created. Those Black kids are a handful! ;)