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Dear Emily (Forever Family) (Volume 1)

Dear Emily - Trudy Stiles Two women from opposite social circles are brought together by one factor: Emily. One woman cannot give the baby she is carrying the home she deserves. The other woman cannot have one of her own and is given the gift of life through the other. Both have pasts that are riddled with broken paths. Both will try to overcome the hurt and torment to seek a better future. Both want the best for a baby that isn't even born yet. Emily will bring these two woman together in this heart pounding, gut wrenching read of sacrifice and love.

Going to be honest, there are some sensitive subject matters in this one: rape, abuse. Tied together to bring us a gut twisting, heart aching read. As the author wrote this story, she had to have wrecked herself dealing with all the emotions the painful scenes rolled out. How could she not? Just reading the story, I was in pieces. My emotions were all over the place. It was a lot to take in, but definitely worth it in the end.

I was brought to tears with this book. Especially in the final moments, wondering if Tabby would give Emily up or if she would end up keeping her. It was almost too much. We as readers are going through it all with Tabby and Carly, waiting on the edge of our seat, waiting and wondering. I am a nail biter with intense reads and before I knew it, I had gnawed all mine off. I couldn't believe the intensity of it all. I told myself I was just going to read a little more before I started on another book. I mean, I have time before this review is due. Little did I know my emotions would be held prisoner until I finished the entire read. I couldn't just walk away from this book, even for just a few minutes or hours.

As you travel from the past and present, between two different POVs, the story will slowly unravel before you. It is a story that is completely fresh and raw all at once. But in the end you will find it worth the read and craving the next in the series. Yes, you will need answers after that shocker of an ending. DEAR EMILY is a must read. 5 big ol' stars from me!