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I was so darn excited to read another book by Moseley. I knew when I started it I was going to love it. But I had no earthly idea how much I would love it. It was just so utterly amazing. Completely blown away. I adored the characters so very much and the storyline was perfection. It is definitely one of those reads you hate to put down. And being the long book that it was, I fell victim to sleep. I know, I know. But I would immediately pick it up first thing the next morning, reading until I devoured it all. So that counts for something right?

I have read a couple of her books and both reads had some parts that were a little unbelievable at times. I was kind of expecting the same with this one. So when I finished the whole book, I was pleasantly surprised at how believable the entire read was. Only problem was the date for the Presidential Election didn't line up with when we actually have them here in the US. A simple google search could have cleared that all up. But in the end, it simply didn't matter. I still found the book enjoyable and I still inhaled every word.

I hurt for Anna. The things she has been through in the past is absolutely heartbreaking and sometimes difficult to read about. Carter tormented this girl from the time he comes in contact with her. A classic case of 'wrong place at the wrong time'. And poor Anna carried so much guilt with her, even long after being rescued. All it took was Ashton coming into her life to set the things in motion that would slowly start reviving her life once again.

Ashton is one of those characters all the girls are going to love. He is absolutely swoon worthy and sweet as hell. Several times Anna wondered where he found all this sweet nothings he would whisper to her. I know I was in love from the moment we met him. How it took Anna so long to realize she was, is beyond me. But I am so glad we got to see her slowly be awakened once again to life thanks to him.

This could have been a quick book, breezing over parts, not really allowing us to see Anna coming out of her guilt ridden shell. But where would the beauty in that have been? This was something we all needed to experience right along with Anna. To know what she went through and to see her through it. It was sad. It was heartbreaking. It was also very beautiful. I was so very in love with this story. Fabulous job, Moseley. I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming companion novel, ENJOYING THE CHASE.

If you have enjoyed Moseley's other work, you are most assuredly going to love this one. It is most definitely a 5 star read! And I most definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. Enjoy!