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In Need of Therapy

In Need of Therapy - Tracie Banister Dr. Pilar Alvarez is trying to make it as a new psychologist in Miami, find her Mr. Wonderful to share her life with, and babysit her younger, troublesome sister. Life is crazy to say the least and seems to only get crazier when she meets Ford, the cute BUT married Doctor next door. Will Pilar find love before her mother declares her an eternal spinster? Or could love be right around the corner?

After coming down from my latest read...a zombie one I might add...In Need of Therapy was perfect book to bring me back into the real world. It is a comical read that was just too cute for words. There were too many funny and favorite quotes to mention, but this one was my fav…

"Wow, it's like being back in Psych 101. Now, I remember why I dropped that class." Izzy chomped down on the chewy center of her Tootsie Pop. "I'll just leave the two of you to overanalyze yourselves into a stupor."

When it comes to characters that are easy to love In Need of Therapy has exactly that. Pilar is a great character that has a good head on her shoulders compared to the rest of her family. You really want it all to work out for her in the end. Izzy is a fun character that made sure she kept her sister (and the rest of her family) on their toes. But the one character that had me laughing was Victor. Lord help him, if he wasn't so dumb, his actions would be considered threatening. He is like an annoying bug that won’t stop bugging you. Poor guy, he just doesn’t think.

In Need of Therapy has a smart, funny storyline that has you smiling the whole time. The author will keep you laughing and smirking through most of the book with her witty writing and silly characters. So if you are looking for a fun, chick-lit story to read while sitting at the pool this summer…look no further. In Need of Therapy is just the book for you.