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Centaur Legacy (Touched Series Book 2)

Centaur Legacy - Nancy Straight On the run in search of something that up until now has only been heard of in the Greek myths told to them as children, Cami and Drake must make their way to Ireland in search of Hercules' arrow. An arrow and her Great Uncle. Hoping both will give her the protection from her grandmother she so desperately needs. What they discover on this journey is beyond anything Cami thought possible. Greek mythology is coming to life before her very eyes and it may be the only thing able to keep them both alive in the end.

Amazing. This story was simply amazing. If I had to compare this book to another one out there, it would most likely be THE LIGHTNING THIEF. I have yet to read the book but I did see the movie. And this book is like a New Adult version of that. Everything about it came to life when the history of the Centaurs was told. The story captured my attention from the very first book and has yet to release me. Quite sure I don't want it to either. These books are fascinating and I am completely happy to pitch a tent and relax within its words.

If I thought I couldn't love Drake any more than I already did, well, this one proved me wrong on so many levels. Straight was able to write a character that affected me so strongly. My feelings were amped up for him. Especially in the scenes where he was so deeply hurting for Cami and wondering if she would reject him. Ok. That is all I am saying about that. Don't want to step on toes and give stuff away. But if any of you had doubts about his love for Cami...I am here to squash those thoughts. He loves her. That is final.

I am now moving on to book 3, CENTAUR RIVALRY. I have to know what is going to happen as they make their way on this incredible journey. Hell. Is. About. To. Break. Loose. Mark my words.