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All the Pretty Poses

All the Pretty Poses - M. Leighton When I read ALL THE PRETTY LIES a couple months ago, I knew right then and there that it was my favorite book ever by Leighton. I was completely smitten with it and the story she told. I was brought to tears and so moved by the story Sloane lived. I mean, how you could not be moved by something so utterly heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time? Such an emotional read. So when given the chance to read ALL THE PRETTY POSES, I of course jumped at the opportunity. While it wasn't as emotional as ALL THE PRETTY LIES, it was still a book that blew me away.

I am going to start with Reese. We saw bits of him in the first book when dealing with Hemi while they searched for the killer in their younger brother's murder. But we really had no idea what we were in store for when it came his time to let us know all about him. This guy can be a Class A Jerkwad and a womanizer no less. But there is something deep within him that is still human and just a boy that had his world ripped away at the age of 19. Having to grow up to quickly in his father's shadow made him a man with one goal in mind and nothing else: success. But some things will only get you so far. And he realizes this when after 14 years, he lays eyes on Kennedy. A girl from his past that he never stopped thinking about.

Kennedy has one thing in the world she wants to do and that is dance. Unfortunately, dancing in a classy gentlemen's club is as close to that world as she is going to get until she can achieve her dream of dancing for the Altman American Dance Theater. When she notices Reese from across the room while performing one night, she is brought back to the past. A past she has long since tried to overcome and forget. But forgetting is easier said than done. Now she is offered a chance to make her dream one step closer. Only thing is, she must face her past and her once love for Reese to make it happen. Realizing a little too late that some loves never die.

A brilliant read if I must say so. Of course I never expect anything less from Leighton. I started this book late and read until I finished. Never pausing. Holy crap! When did it get to be 3 am? I was that hooked on the story I didn't even realize the wee morning hours snuck up on me. And here I have to get up in a few short hours to start my day. Oh well, the book hangover will definitely be worth it. I was totally entranced by Leighton's magic and her weaving of words. Yes, my affection for Leighton knows no bounds. Her books are brilliant and amazing and I can never get enough.

I loved the romance of the story so very much. No matter that Kennedy is a simple girl, I know darn good and well that she loved being lavished by Reese. Who wouldn't? Seeing places she has only dreamed about and having the time of her life in the arms of the man she loved long ago. The scenes were hot and the chemistry between the two made it all that much hotter. Leighton, you sure know how to make a girl blush. And yet, I couldn't help myself.

Most definitely a must read. I loved every ounce this book had to offer: the romance, the intrigue, the heartbreaking revelations. I adored it all and I expect you to love it too. If you don't, well, I don't know what to tell you. You obviously did not read the same book I did. ;)