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Fighting for the Edge

Fighting for the Edge - Jennifer Comeaux FIGHTING FOR THE EDGE concludes the EDGE series with style and grace. I wouldn't expect anything less from Comeaux and her fabulous characters. When you dive into this series you are welcomed in with a storyline that is romantic, full of life, and absolutely perfect for any age reader. It is clean but the romance is brimming and absolutely overflowing from the story you find yourself lost in it. When I started the second and third book of the series I had to mental prepare myself for the puddle I knew I would find myself in. Comeaux knows what it takes to bring the readers to their weak knees. She definitely had me swooning on more than one occasion.

All the confusing emotions she'd been battling, the fears she'd been afraid to face...she finally understood exactly what she was feeling.
She was in love.


Another thing Comeaux knows what to do is bring drama to the story. I think the drama in book two was so shocking high, I was scared for what this book would bring. Thankfully it was intense, but not crazily so. I still worried and fretted over what would happen with all the characters and the situations they found themselves in. With 2 different stories happening in the same book it was a chaotic read. A good chaotic. I loved the drama and the problems that went down. Now whether or not they all find their happy endings? Well, that is something you are just going to have to read to find out for yourself.

I am so utterly in love with this series. From the moment I first read about Emily and Sergei I knew my heart would forever be lost to them. They are simply amazing and some of the nicest characters you will ever read about. And thanks to this series, I have become a fan of ice skating. And I am getting rather excited about the Winter Olympics next year. This story will bring out the fan in you even if you were never before one. I know it did with me. I may not be a diehard fan like Comeaux, but I still like to see it every now and again.

Yes, this book (and series) is a must read. Yes, I recommend it. Yes, why are you still sitting around reading my review? Go!! Read!! Fall in love!!