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Sparrows For Free

Sparrows For Free - Lila Felix I just happen to be one of these people who gets their feelings hurt all the time. I don’t plan to get hurt or to be so sensitive. It’s just who I am.

An absolute heart breaking tale of two broken souls wandering aimlessly through life, just existing. Both have their reasons for hiding away from the world. But both find a reason to fight for something more...in each other. Up until they meet, their lives have clearly been just existing and not living. Now that their eyes have been peeled opened a bit, it’s time for them to start fighting for something worthwhile. Something like love. But the past has a way of catching up to you and pulling you back in. They must figure out if what is important and what is better left in the past.

I hate that moment the most.
The moment you find out you don’t even register as a blip on someone else’s radar.


My heart. My poor precious heart was sent through the wringer in this one. Felix gives us these two characters that are both hurting so much, for different reasons, but have so much love buried deep within themselves just waiting to be set free. In a way, they both don't feel worthy or giving or receiving it. It is something they must work on themselves. And it definitely isn't something that happens overnight. In fact, it is more like 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

Something in me needs something in you. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but it’s just undeniable. Can we just—can we start over? I’m not ready to give you up before I really even had a fighting chance.”

I am not sure who had the saddest story. Aysa or Ezra? Both are tortured from the events of their past. But even so, they really do seem to want more out of life than the way they've been living lately. Now I am not saying that the whole book was depressing because it wasn't. There was sadness but there was also good times. Funny times. I think what made it so very heartbreaking was near the end. You know it is coming, yet you don't have the ability to make it stop, no matter how hard you yell at your ereader. But the story? It is worth the read. I can absolutely promise you that.

“No, I’m sorry because I’m about to kiss you. I shouldn’t. I should stay away from you. I’m just gonna break you. I’m gonna ruin you and maybe ruin us both.”
“Maybe I want to be ruined.”


There was some romance. Not as much as Felix usually dishes out. But there was enough to make my heart happy. It was sweet and real. Think classic beginnings of first love. The butterflies in the tummy...the pounding of your heart...the constant linger thoughts of your love interest. Definitely done to perfection, that is for sure. Felix has a God given ability to make something so simple so very hot! And in a clean romantic sort of way. I just love that about her.

So if you enjoy a story that is layered with emotion and has an amazing story line, then this is the read for you. It was so very surprising and absolutely endearing. Especially the end. It keeps you on your toes and has you eagerly anticipating the next book in the series, DOVES FOR SALE.