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My Clarity (stand-alone) - M.  Clarke From the moment I started this book I was caught up in Alex's story. I was heartbroken from the beginning when she loses her father. I think since I lost my father just 2 short years ago, that pain was still there, which in turn made this story more real to me. Clarke could have taken the easy way out and just started the book off with Alex leaving for college and just telling us readers what happened. Instead she started it at a very crucial time, when Alex is saying goodbye to her father after he loses his battle to cancer. In just a few pages, you hurt with Alex. You feel her pain. And you become that much more connected to her character. If Clarke wouldn't have begun with that scene, well, this story probably wouldn't have clicked with me like it did.

MY CLARITY is full of characters that readers are going to enjoy. From the moment that Alex introduces herself, the others welcome her into their 'family' with open arms. Which makes starting college a little easier for her. They are exactly what each other needs. To me, Alex completed their family and made it whole. I loved seeing that unity of people who are so close, even if they don't know much about one another. And yeah, I definitely wouldn't hate to see the other's stories being told either. Just sayin.

Alex and Elijah's story really is a captivating one. I couldn't bring myself to pull away from it. I stayed up late reading until my eyes couldn't stay open any longer, only to wake up the next morning to finish it. I loved that they fought each other so hard in the beginning but in the end, they gave in. But that is not where the story comes to a close. Oh no. Like it would be that easy. A situation arises and pretty much an ultimatum is given. This is where we see if love really is enough. Choices have to be made and those choices will affect their future greatly.

Tears will be shed, and laughter will be had. All in all, the one thing I can say is this book was definitely worth the read and staying up late for. I absolutely recommend this book to those who love New Adult/College time frame reads. 5 Wonderful Stars!

Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Three

Love and Decay, Season Two, Episode Three - Rachel Higginson My mind played through this predicament over and over again. That Feeder spoke. She communicated with those other Feeders. Maybe it wasn’t a language that we understood or would ever understand… but she verbalized her thoughts to the other Zombies and they knew what she wanted.
I couldn’t even begin to comprehend that.
Holy shit. In two years, Zombies had either evolved or de-evolved, depending on how you looked at it, beyond grunting and moaning animals blinded by their addiction to flesh into intelligent creatures fueled by their addiction to flesh.
The consequences this had on our war with the undead was… staggering.
And not in a good way.


The rumors of actual 'thinking' zombies building an army down south near Mexico have halted any plans for traveling there for the crew. But after a routine walk around the complex turns disastrous, Reagan, Hendrix and Vaughan realize that threat is starting to make its way north. When they happen upon a small herd, they are overcome with realization that the war against the dead is becoming more complex. What will this mean for the living? And seriously, how many concussions can Reagan take? Soon her head is bound to fall off, right?

Their screeching moans crawled beneath my skin and warred with their dying yelps of last second pain. They were disgusting and haunting. They were everything that should not be real. And when they looked at me with those deadly, blood-red eyes, I wondered if we even stood a chance against such an ominous enemy.
Was this it?
Was this how I would live out every day forward until I either ended up just like them or succumbed to be their next meal?
Did it matter? One end was as gruesome as the other.
Ok, enough with the existential crisis, I had Zombies to kill.


Un.Freakin.Believable. That is what this episode was. And not in a bad way either. Just a fabulous, holy cow, I am in love with zombies sort of way. Higginson amps up the tension yet again and has us cowering on the floor in a fetal position thinking that Reagan is finally going to lose this battle. Oh wait. Was that just me acting that way? This gal has to have already wasted all of her 9 lives after all the crap she has been through since the beginning of the ZomApoc right?

But things seem to be better between Hendrix and Reagan. Thank goodness. I couldn't take it if they were to fall apart. My heart would be broken into a million little pieces just ripe for the eating. But all seems well, and they were back to their normal in love selves. And that makes momma happy. I enjoyed their banter and found it reassuring.

He kissed my bandaged forehead and then leaned over so he could kiss my scraped temple and cheek. “Always be selfish with me, Reagan.”

And the angels in heaven swooned!

Another great scene of the story is Reagan's newest concussion. I think readers are going to get a laugh out of that once they see she is out of harm’s way. I know I was snorting my way through that part. Higginson is great at adding a little funny business to this world just to bring us down from our zombie fueled high we get caught up in. It is definitely needed in this world, that is for darn sure.

This episode was another perfect addition to this fabulous series. Next time we get Haley's POV and I look forward to what’s going on in her head. It has been awhile. So yeah, get this book and devour it.

Centaur Redemption (Touched Series, Book 4)

Centaur Redemption (Touched Series, Book 4) - Nancy Straight I had learned so much about our kind. I liked the idea that when this life is over, we all meet again in the pastures. There are so many things I want Mom to know. More than anything I want her to know I found happiness right here on earth-true happiness.

There is one thing I have come to realize when reading this series…not one ounce of these books is predicable. Nothing. As you are reading along twists and turns jump out at you that you never saw coming. And besides Cami and Drake's relationship, that is what I love most about each of the books. I love not knowing what is about to happen. Because even when I try to guess, I am completely blown away by what Straight does next. This lady has serious talent when it comes to anticipation and suspense.

If all these blessings I had been given were suddenly taken away, I could go to the pasture knowing without a doubt that my life had been full. I would know that I would be missed, that my Centaur family truly loved me. In return, I was prepared to go to the end of the earth to save each one of them.

All those questions you’ve had from the start of the series finally get answered. CENTAUR REDEMPTION was packed full of answers and incredible imagination. If I had to choose a favorite out of all four, I might possibly say this one. I felt so many emotions throughout this series, but this one topped them all. It was such an amazing book to read and experience.
The Greek Gods will play a major role in this final installment to the series. Sacrifices will be made that will rip your heart into tiny, inconsolable pieces. As I was finishing the last pages of the book I had tears pouring from my eyes. They were a mixture of sad tears and happy ones. It truly was a magnificent ending for such a magnificent read. My heart will forever love this series and the emotions it has brought forth. I look forward to reuniting with them when ever Straight decides to revisit them. (Yes, she mentions at the end we haven’t seen the last of everyone!)

“I owe you my life, because without you, I wouldn’t want mine. I owe you my love for eternity, because before I met you, I wasn’t convinced love existed.”

If you are a fan of Shelly Crane's SIGNIFICANCE series, I really think you will enjoy this one. Maybe it is the writing or familiarity of the characters that reminds me of those books. Either way, I think you will fall for this series like I have. It is a must read that will have you flying through all the books just to find out Cami and Drake's fate. 5 Absolutely Must Read Stars!
Never Let You Go - Michele G.  Miller “One day, a handsome savior came to my rescue and told me I was a Princess. Fairy tales do come true, and if you want to ride your horse barefoot in a field with your groom watching you, then by God we’ll make it happen.”
“I almost believe you.”


I was really looking forward to this book ever since I finished NEVER LET YOU FALL. But I had no idea how much I would end up falling for this one. It absolutely blew book one out of the water. At least in my opinion. The author gives us an incredibly well written story and I just know you are going to love it as much as I did.

I loved the direction the author took with the characters. Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Or does it send you straight into the arms of another man? I understand why Skye left. She believed she was protecting Xander. But while at the enemy's castle and under McClintock's thumb, a new relationship forms with Nickoli. Of course it starts out as friendship, but soon there are feelings even Skye cannot explain.

“All of those difficulties I can handle. But you being in love with him? Already making him your choice? I can’t deal with that, Skye…I just can’t.”

I do love Xander. Have ever since the beginning of the series. But I also found my feelings shifting towards Nickoli. And it was something I totally didn't see coming. I expected to hate Nickoli for the sole reason of who he was and who he is related to. But it just didn't happen. In fact, my feelings only grew stronger as the story moved forward.

I would absolutely love to tell you a pivotal part of the story but I just can't because it would give so much away. And seriously, there is several pivotal parts at the end. It is tearing me up inside to get them out by telling someone. Just know that something huge happens at that the end and it will affect so much. Then there is another twist soon after that is going to blow up Skye's world even more. Oh the feels!!!

Love everything about this one and I am terribly excited to see what happens next. A war as to which these characters have never before seen is about to take place. Will they be able to stop it in time? The anticipation is numbing.

Sparrows For Free

Sparrows For Free - Lila Felix I just happen to be one of these people who gets their feelings hurt all the time. I don’t plan to get hurt or to be so sensitive. It’s just who I am.

An absolute heart breaking tale of two broken souls wandering aimlessly through life, just existing. Both have their reasons for hiding away from the world. But both find a reason to fight for something more...in each other. Up until they meet, their lives have clearly been just existing and not living. Now that their eyes have been peeled opened a bit, it’s time for them to start fighting for something worthwhile. Something like love. But the past has a way of catching up to you and pulling you back in. They must figure out if what is important and what is better left in the past.

I hate that moment the most.
The moment you find out you don’t even register as a blip on someone else’s radar.


My heart. My poor precious heart was sent through the wringer in this one. Felix gives us these two characters that are both hurting so much, for different reasons, but have so much love buried deep within themselves just waiting to be set free. In a way, they both don't feel worthy or giving or receiving it. It is something they must work on themselves. And it definitely isn't something that happens overnight. In fact, it is more like 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

Something in me needs something in you. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but it’s just undeniable. Can we just—can we start over? I’m not ready to give you up before I really even had a fighting chance.”

I am not sure who had the saddest story. Aysa or Ezra? Both are tortured from the events of their past. But even so, they really do seem to want more out of life than the way they've been living lately. Now I am not saying that the whole book was depressing because it wasn't. There was sadness but there was also good times. Funny times. I think what made it so very heartbreaking was near the end. You know it is coming, yet you don't have the ability to make it stop, no matter how hard you yell at your ereader. But the story? It is worth the read. I can absolutely promise you that.

“No, I’m sorry because I’m about to kiss you. I shouldn’t. I should stay away from you. I’m just gonna break you. I’m gonna ruin you and maybe ruin us both.”
“Maybe I want to be ruined.”


There was some romance. Not as much as Felix usually dishes out. But there was enough to make my heart happy. It was sweet and real. Think classic beginnings of first love. The butterflies in the tummy...the pounding of your heart...the constant linger thoughts of your love interest. Definitely done to perfection, that is for sure. Felix has a God given ability to make something so simple so very hot! And in a clean romantic sort of way. I just love that about her.

So if you enjoy a story that is layered with emotion and has an amazing story line, then this is the read for you. It was so very surprising and absolutely endearing. Especially the end. It keeps you on your toes and has you eagerly anticipating the next book in the series, DOVES FOR SALE.

An Amish Courtship

An Amish Courtship - Samantha Bayarr
After a head on collision with a couple plow horses, Grace is brought face to face with a handsome young man, Samuel. She falls for his kind heart immediately. Unfortunately she loses consciousness, only to wake at her cousin’s house. Did she imagine him? Will she be able to find him again? What happens when she finds out the truth? Her precious memories of her few minutes with Samuel are about to be shattered.

It has been sometime since I read an Amish genre read. In fact, I think it was around the time I got my first nook nearly 3 yrs ago. But I remember falling in love with that genre and wanting to read more of it. So here I am reading this novella and finding that I missed it so much. There is something so pure and refreshing about their way of life. You can't help but smile the whole way through thinking about these two characters. The author did an amazing job giving us a sweet read with a touch of romance. Even if it seems to be the forbidden kind.

I really enjoyed this quick read and look forward to seeing what develops as the series progresses. My heart goes out to Grace at the end of the book when she comes to a big conclusion. I am sure things will only get worse before they get better, but it is enough to leave me wanting more. Needing to see if things work out for them both. 5 Sweet Stars.

Beyond Reason (Beyond Love Series, #3)

Beyond Reason (Beyond Love Series, #3) - Karice Bolton Everything did happen for a reason. Now I just had to figure out if I had to bother trying to ever figure out what the reason was.

Thanks to her two very best friends, Lily is about to reunite with someone from her past while on vacation. The very same person she up and left after high school without so much as a good bye. This trip could be the start of something new or it could be a means to an end. Either way Lily is about to learn a few things about herself and what she wants out of life.

My first impressions of Lily weren't the best. Of course we didn't get a whole lot of her in the previous 2 books but still I wasn't sure how I would take an entire book from her POV. But honestly? I loved her from the start. She was snarky and feisty all rolled up in this complex character. She has issues from her past that no one knows about. Not even her two BFFs, Gabby and Brandy, who are practically her sisters for all intents and purposes. This trip is going to be good for her. She needs to hash out these issues and focus on where to go from there.

I am not going to go much into who her romance is with, because it is sort of two fold. Plus, that would just be me giving so much away. What I will say is that there is romance...real romance. Not the demanding, controlling stuff that others are trying to pass off as romance now days. Because to me that isn't it. Sweetness, tenderness, and love can actually be hot and steamy and not necessarily boring like so many people think. So for that I want to say thank you to Bolton for giving us real, true romance.

His words chilled me to the bone. What was it with this message pounding me from every angle, especially when my life was built on one mistake after another? I obviously wasn’t getting the point, whatever the point was.

Another thing I want to mention is the story itself. There is something about diving into a book by Bolton that just transports you off into another world. Her writing is beautiful and flows flawlessly throughout the story. Before you know it you are done with the book and sittin' pretty with a smile on your face.

Absolutely, 100% recommend this book...this series to any and all who love a fabulous romance with heart. Now I impatiently wait for book 4, BEYOND INTENT, so I can see what is going to happen. Some characters’ lives are definitely on shaky ground. (I just love how at the end of each book you get a glimpse as to what is to come in the next.) 5 Beyond Beautiful Stars!

Night Games

Night Games - Collette West I was really, really enjoying this book until half way through. That is where this book took a nose dive for me. After the halfway mark everything became too unbelievable at times and I had a hard time finishing the story because of the way the characters were acting. I was sick of the way they would jump around emotionally with one another. Both were borderline bipolar, it seemed. And it was enough to turn me off from liking them or even caring if they ended up with one another in the end. But I had this nagging need to finish it and see what Grey's big secret was. Unfortunately that is where most the 'unbelievable' part comes in.

Grey...she is this great girl at the beginning that you really like. She is on her own and living life to the best that she can. Not having money hampers her need to get out and see the world, but she makes the most of it. But halfway though, I saw this change in her and it wasn't for the best. It was like she caved to Chase Whitfield. And all her confidence and feistiness went bye-bye.

Chase...I felt the author was constantly contradicting herself when it came to him. One min he was saying how uncomfortable he was around people with money even though he was loaded, only to turn around and want to be treated like royalty. The way he would jump around in his feelings was downright nauseating. He had no idea what so ever what he wanted and to me, he couldn't be trusted.

Storyline...I had high hopes as the story was starting out. But as I mentioned the story went downhill for me. Parts were at times rushed and other scenes dragged. There just wasn't a steady pace to the story.

I am rating it 3 stars because it was a good read that kept my interest a majority of the time and it was fun and flirty at the beginning. But it wasn't enough to rate higher than that. At least from me. Like all stories, you'll have to read if for yourself to see if this book is for you or not.
The Hazards of a One Night Stand (Hazards, #2) - Alyssa Rose Ivy During her last week of summer vacation from college, one thing leads to another, and Mallory ends up sleeping with her ex-boyfriend’s brother. The last thing she needs is to have one more connection to this backwoods town and that is exactly what Colton would be. Thinking she got away with a one night stand, and might finally be moving on from the mistake, Mallory runs into Colton a week later at her college. Come to find out he is attending school there too. Mallory must determine if her romp in the hay with Colton wasn’t necessarily a bad thing or if she should move on with older Tanner, someone who will help her forget all about her small town past.

Mallory is about as snarky as they come. This girl could hold her own with Tanner while he heckled her to no end. And while I did love Mallory, there were times I would get tired of the way she was treating Colton. I kept waiting for him to say enough is enough and move on. But being the irresistible guy he is he stuck by her, patiently waiting. And that just made me love him more.

From the start there is this chemistry between Colton and Mallory that is instant, yet familiar. Even though they obviously grew up together, both liking one another, we didn't see that past. We just heard about it. But you could tell from their interactions they were comfortable with one another and it showed through the author's writing. So scenes didn't seem pushed or awkward. I really loved them together and rooted for them the entire time. Oh yes, the romance was there and I loved every ounce of it.

Now, while THE HAZARDS OF SKINNY DIPPING rocked my socks right off, this one was excellent too. I loved it, just not quite as much as Juliet and Reed's story (who also make several appearances!) But this one definitely was a great read and I am so excited for you all to share in its greatness too! A must read and a definite recommend! 5 amazing stars!

Devil Creek

Devil Creek - Casey L. Bond *Anytime I rate a book with a half star, I round up to the next highest star for sites such as goodreads, amazon, b&n...

Add this book to a long line of books that I have read and kept waiting for the vamps or weres to show up in. I really need to get a hang on this whole "reading blurbs better" thing. Halfway through and nothing paranormal is happening I begin to come to terms that I have duped myself once again. But who can blame me...the cover and title alone scream paranormal, right? Right? Anyone?

I rated this book 4.5 stars mainly because some parts of the book seemed almost too convenient and the ending seemed to happen too easily for the characters. I enjoyed the story though. I liked how Gabe fought with himself and his feelings for Aislin. In his mind he thought by being with her was dishonoring his best friend and Aislin's brother. How? I have no idea. But guys can be a little slow when it comes to love.

I liked Aislin's character. She definitely doesn't take crap off guys that is for sure. Of course her past plays a huge role in that. So I was glad that she wasn't one of those girls that lay down and take what life hands them. She does have some fight in her and she listens to her heart. She has had quite the journey in her young life, but she seems to carry her head high and keep on keeping on.

Like I said earlier, there were parts that seemed too convenient. In some cases there were people that happened to be there at the most opportune time. When in reality I wouldn't necessarily have thought would happen. Also the ending seemed too quick and easy. I just would have thought that she would have made him work a little harder to come back into her life. Although that is just my preference right there. After all that they have been through, it would have been nice to see him squirm a bit. (Who is 'he' you might ask? Well, that is for you to read and find out.)

All in all I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more stuff from this author. DEVIL CREEK kept my interest and had me thinking about when I wasn’t reading. Oh yes! I will definitely be keeping up with this author.

A Reason to Stay

A Reason to Stay - June     Stevens,  D.J. Westerfield She couldn’t speak at all for fear of breaking the magic spell that seemed to have entrapped them. So she lay there, half on top of him, listening to his heart beat, feeling his chest rise under her hand with every breath. She committed every sound, every smell and every sensation to memory. She had no idea what would happen next, but she would always have this moment locked away in her heart.

What I loved most was that Ellie is not your typical female lead. She has curves and is darn proud of them. But curves is not what Jake is into. He enjoys the company of beautiful, thin women. Best friends is all they will ever be. No matter how much she loves him, it is time to move on. And leaving Oak Hollow is what she has to do. She can no longer stand by and watch Jake with those other women when her heart longs for him. But the night before she is to leave everything changes. Will she have it in her to walk away? Or will she find a reason to stay in her small Tennessee town?

This short story novella was absolutely delightful and most definitely steamy. I devoured it quickly and loved every minute of it. What starts out as a sad moment for Ellie quickly escalates into something more fierce and emotional and downright sexy. I rooted for these two. I knew that if they worked through their issues they would find they both feel the same for each other. It was all just a matter of opening up some lines of communication.

A REASON TO STAY is a quick must read for those who love a well written short story. I love these characters and only wish I could read more of them. Who knows, maybe the author will revisit them in the future and let us know how they are doing. I am so looking forward to the next novella in the series, ROMANCING LORELEI.
I loosen my grip and when I do, so does he. But this whole thing has unhinged me. Nothing is the same. My entire life has been rewritten. I’m a character in a novel and I’m not sure how this story is going to end.

This book was not at all what I was expecting. I am not even sure what I was expecting, because I had forgotten over time what the book was even about. That is a little habit of mine. I read the blurb, then by the time I read the book, it has been some time and I have no idea what it is about. Another thing, I know this author will give me a good read no matter what. But with this story…it was an absolutely thrilling read. You get so caught up in everything going on, that you forget about the going-on of the real world.

I was so caught up this story that I didn't realize I had spent hours captivated by the book. Missed lunch? Who cares! Drexel is enough to satisfy my hunger. This guy was intense and fiery! He comes charging in and you just have to give him all your attention. He demands it and we readers gladly hand it over. He is very confident of himself, but not in an annoying cocky way. He knows what he wants and he goes after it. But that is all on the outside. Inside, he has a few issues that he has to work through. Issues from his past that have wrecked his life in more ways than one. But with Gemini entering his world, he is able to face those issues head on. And I really loved reading about him.

Gemini is another character that you just have to love. I had a connection with her from beginning, starting with the prologue. She was once an adventurous girl with big dreams until her biking accident. Now she is just a shell of a girl that is just existing, getting by with a little help from her friends...her meds and illegal drugs. They help her get through her crippling migraines. Throw in some terrorists that are after her and life just seems to be getting better and better for her. *insert sarcastic sigh here*

This book was a definite page turner and I was gladly giving up a day of cleaning to see how it all worked out in the end. Hubs? Yeah not so much. He just doesn’t see the justification of a dirty house just to read a book. Men! What do they know? I will say this…this book is perfect for any gender. There is action and suspense that will appeal to the men in your life. Read it and recommend it to them. TRAGIC DESIRES is so very suspenseful, an absolute thriller, and amazingly hot! Hargrove gives us not just a book full of words but an adventure so intense, it will have you hanging on to every word. 5 Suspenseful Stars!

Love and Decay 2, Episode Two

Love and Decay 2, Episode Two - Rachel Higginson There is trouble in paradise. Reagan has a secret that no one knows. She knows Kane has been stalking her. She knows he isn't dead. But she feels if she keeps it bottled up he can't get to her or her family. She also knows that is a bunch of crap. So when she finally opens up, Hendrix is infuriated the most. And hurt. Reagan has to make him trust her again. But their time together may be cut short if Kane has any say in the matter.

I’d made a lot of mistakes with Kane and every one of them could be summed up with me letting him live.

I was reading along thinking that Higginson was going to give us a filler episode. You know, one of those filler books to pass the time, letting us know what all has been happening. One of those episodes where nothing big happens to them. And I will be the first to tell you that these people need a little less excitement in their lives. But this was not that episode. Half way in things take a turn for the worst. And by worst I mean Kane. And by Kane I mean SHIZNIT! I had second thoughts plaguing my mind about that certain someone. Oh yes, Higginson is a pro at dishing out characters that have us questioning our sanity. It is like I know I shouldn’t like him. He is after all evil. But there is something about him that pulls me in. I’ve mentioned before it is probably the glasses. Yeah, it is the glasses…

“Last time I let you this close, you tried to kill me.” He sounded tortured… haunted by the memory.
And I really couldn’t blame him.
“I’m glad you didn’t die,” I told him. My hand cupped his jaw as if by a decision I didn’t consciously make. I didn’t understand this soft spot I had for him. I hated him as much as I wanted to protect him. I believed he was as evil as I believed he was capable of redemption. And every one of my conscious thoughts condemned him while my unconscious ones whispered promises of a better man.


So by now my heart is nearly beating out of my chest. I just know this is the end of Reagan and Hendrix. I just know that Kane is going to end it all for them. And maybe he did. Maybe he is going to end them once and for all. But I cannot tell you what happened. Oh no, you must read this one for yourselves. One thing is for sure...nothing will ever be the same. Not for Hendrix and most certainly not for Reagan. Emotions play a huge role! Mercy! I cannot wait to see what happens next. This series is undoubtedly one of my most favorite books that I look forward too. I crave it with everything I have. I need more. I have to have more. It is more than just another zombie book! 5 Fleshy Stars!
Centaur Rivalry - Nancy Straight
Cami must have known I needed my solitude, and she stayed wordlessly by my side-no words of encouragement or second thoughts about what lay before us. If we died, wed die together- our last act on this earth trying to save the Lost Herd and the family we had both come to love.

I am never good at reviews when it is the 3rd book (or more of the series). Especially when it is as good as the previous ones. I just always feel like a broken record...yes, love the characters, love the storyline, yada yada. But truly this was another fabulous addition to the series. I did love the characters and I did love the storyline. As the story moves along, Straight keeps it fresh by the things she is adding to the book. You don't feel as if you are reading the same story in a different book.

I do love the opening line in the summary "The Centaur world is rocked as news spreads of the Lost Herd, Camille's existence, and her Centaur protector." Um, yeah. Just a tad. LoL! What I would give to see the faces of those who have come in contact with Drake in all his hoof-y greatness!

There is still romance to be had and not just with Drake and Cami. Oh just you wait and see! There are new people added to this one and so new romances are bound to happen. Speaking of the new people, I really think that readers are going to like them. I definitely think they bring something great to the series.

Ok, enough of that. Before you know it I will be giving away the story. And we can't have that can we? No. We cannot. So of course I recommend this book (and the whole dang series). Straight is a fantastic story teller and I cannot wait to see what she has waiting for us in book 4, CENTAUR REDEMPTION.

Full Measures (Entangled Embrace)

Full Measures - Rebecca Yarros Ember, the oldest of 3, just received devastating news: her father won’t be coming home from Afghanistan. With her mother emotionally and physically checking out on life and reverting to those hidden recesses of her mind, Ember must take up the role as parent now. She must make sure her siblings are well cared for and fed. Easier said than done when one of them is 17 and rebelling against the news of their father’s death. Soon her whole world is crashing in around her and there is no one there to help her pick up the pieces. Or is there?

Josh Walker was the one person Ember crushed on since freshman year in high school. And if she was honest with herself, he is still that person. But she is in a great relationship with a great guy and they have a great plan for their future. When things start going wrong, Josh is there at every turn to help her out and be her ‘whatever’. With his help she slowly starts to emerge from the darkness and make her way back to ‘normal’.

As predictable as the story was, it didn’t make the hard scenes any easier to handle. It was like I knew what was going to happen, but was shocked by how it all played out. In a good way. Because I gotta tell you, this was one hell of a story. So yeah it was predictable, but still one of my most favorite reads so far this year. Absolutely amazing!

"The fire you have within you is impossible to kill. The first breath you take when you're free of all this, it will come roaring back. That's what is so impossibly beautiful about you."

Did I mention the romance? Oh yeah, there is plenty of that and more. The chemistry between Josh and Ember was instant and constant throughout the book. I was in love with these two from the moment they meet in the grocery store and I needed these two together like I needed breath. They were undeniable together. They just had to overcome a lot of obstacles in their lives.

I actually hurt with these characters, even at the very beginning when I hardly knew them. I cried like a little baby (mainly towards the end) and was overcome with such emotion. (I blame it on the fact that I recently just watched LONE SURVIVOR.) And I laughed with them and their silly antics. This book had me feeling a wide assortment of feelings and emotions. It was such a fresh read and I am finding that I really enjoy books about military more and more now.

Like we needed a memento. War was such a spiteful bitch; she took everything we loved and handed us back a folded flag in return, telling us the honor of their sacrifice was a just and equal payment. It wasn't.

When I finished this book, way past my book bedtime I must add, I found I couldn’t sleep. I kept replaying this story inside my head and instantly wanted to reread the story just so I could relive it all over again. Yes, the book is just that phenomenal! It is definitely one of those reads that the reader will have a hard time forgetting. So as I end my review, know this…it is a must read! It was heartbreaking and oh so believable. 5 Epic stars from me!

Consequence (Significance, #4.5)

Consequence (Significance, #4.5) - Shelly Crane Just when everything is going smoothly in their lives, the Watsons try to screw it all up for Caleb and Maggie. And that is fine. They can deal with those idiots. But when they want to include Ava, Maggie and Caleb's daughter, well, they have another thing coming. No one is going to mess with their children. No one.

Consequence is a great story that is packed full of suspense and intrigue. You wouldn't think it would be since it is a short story, but it is. I was pleasantly surprised with all I found in this little gem of a story. The romance was still there, just like I remembered it. The characters are still fantastic and very much like a family I haven't seen in some time. The storyline was fabulous, which I wouldn't have expected anything less. I was happy with it from start to finish. But the best part? My most absolute favorite of favs part? That would be the lead up to the next book in the series. I so cannot wait to see what Crane has in store for these people. Especially Ava.

A definite must read for fans of the Significance series.