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Night Games

Night Games - Collette West I was really, really enjoying this book until half way through. That is where this book took a nose dive for me. After the halfway mark everything became too unbelievable at times and I had a hard time finishing the story because of the way the characters were acting. I was sick of the way they would jump around emotionally with one another. Both were borderline bipolar, it seemed. And it was enough to turn me off from liking them or even caring if they ended up with one another in the end. But I had this nagging need to finish it and see what Grey's big secret was. Unfortunately that is where most the 'unbelievable' part comes in.

Grey...she is this great girl at the beginning that you really like. She is on her own and living life to the best that she can. Not having money hampers her need to get out and see the world, but she makes the most of it. But halfway though, I saw this change in her and it wasn't for the best. It was like she caved to Chase Whitfield. And all her confidence and feistiness went bye-bye.

Chase...I felt the author was constantly contradicting herself when it came to him. One min he was saying how uncomfortable he was around people with money even though he was loaded, only to turn around and want to be treated like royalty. The way he would jump around in his feelings was downright nauseating. He had no idea what so ever what he wanted and to me, he couldn't be trusted.

Storyline...I had high hopes as the story was starting out. But as I mentioned the story went downhill for me. Parts were at times rushed and other scenes dragged. There just wasn't a steady pace to the story.

I am rating it 3 stars because it was a good read that kept my interest a majority of the time and it was fun and flirty at the beginning. But it wasn't enough to rate higher than that. At least from me. Like all stories, you'll have to read if for yourself to see if this book is for you or not.