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Beyond Reason (Beyond Love Series, #3)

Beyond Reason (Beyond Love Series, #3) - Karice Bolton Everything did happen for a reason. Now I just had to figure out if I had to bother trying to ever figure out what the reason was.

Thanks to her two very best friends, Lily is about to reunite with someone from her past while on vacation. The very same person she up and left after high school without so much as a good bye. This trip could be the start of something new or it could be a means to an end. Either way Lily is about to learn a few things about herself and what she wants out of life.

My first impressions of Lily weren't the best. Of course we didn't get a whole lot of her in the previous 2 books but still I wasn't sure how I would take an entire book from her POV. But honestly? I loved her from the start. She was snarky and feisty all rolled up in this complex character. She has issues from her past that no one knows about. Not even her two BFFs, Gabby and Brandy, who are practically her sisters for all intents and purposes. This trip is going to be good for her. She needs to hash out these issues and focus on where to go from there.

I am not going to go much into who her romance is with, because it is sort of two fold. Plus, that would just be me giving so much away. What I will say is that there is romance...real romance. Not the demanding, controlling stuff that others are trying to pass off as romance now days. Because to me that isn't it. Sweetness, tenderness, and love can actually be hot and steamy and not necessarily boring like so many people think. So for that I want to say thank you to Bolton for giving us real, true romance.

His words chilled me to the bone. What was it with this message pounding me from every angle, especially when my life was built on one mistake after another? I obviously wasn’t getting the point, whatever the point was.

Another thing I want to mention is the story itself. There is something about diving into a book by Bolton that just transports you off into another world. Her writing is beautiful and flows flawlessly throughout the story. Before you know it you are done with the book and sittin' pretty with a smile on your face.

Absolutely, 100% recommend this book...this series to any and all who love a fabulous romance with heart. Now I impatiently wait for book 4, BEYOND INTENT, so I can see what is going to happen. Some characters’ lives are definitely on shaky ground. (I just love how at the end of each book you get a glimpse as to what is to come in the next.) 5 Beyond Beautiful Stars!