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Devil Creek

Devil Creek - Casey L. Bond *Anytime I rate a book with a half star, I round up to the next highest star for sites such as goodreads, amazon, b&n...

Add this book to a long line of books that I have read and kept waiting for the vamps or weres to show up in. I really need to get a hang on this whole "reading blurbs better" thing. Halfway through and nothing paranormal is happening I begin to come to terms that I have duped myself once again. But who can blame me...the cover and title alone scream paranormal, right? Right? Anyone?

I rated this book 4.5 stars mainly because some parts of the book seemed almost too convenient and the ending seemed to happen too easily for the characters. I enjoyed the story though. I liked how Gabe fought with himself and his feelings for Aislin. In his mind he thought by being with her was dishonoring his best friend and Aislin's brother. How? I have no idea. But guys can be a little slow when it comes to love.

I liked Aislin's character. She definitely doesn't take crap off guys that is for sure. Of course her past plays a huge role in that. So I was glad that she wasn't one of those girls that lay down and take what life hands them. She does have some fight in her and she listens to her heart. She has had quite the journey in her young life, but she seems to carry her head high and keep on keeping on.

Like I said earlier, there were parts that seemed too convenient. In some cases there were people that happened to be there at the most opportune time. When in reality I wouldn't necessarily have thought would happen. Also the ending seemed too quick and easy. I just would have thought that she would have made him work a little harder to come back into her life. Although that is just my preference right there. After all that they have been through, it would have been nice to see him squirm a bit. (Who is 'he' you might ask? Well, that is for you to read and find out.)

All in all I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more stuff from this author. DEVIL CREEK kept my interest and had me thinking about when I wasn’t reading. Oh yes! I will definitely be keeping up with this author.