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Love and Decay 2, Episode Two

Love and Decay 2, Episode Two - Rachel Higginson There is trouble in paradise. Reagan has a secret that no one knows. She knows Kane has been stalking her. She knows he isn't dead. But she feels if she keeps it bottled up he can't get to her or her family. She also knows that is a bunch of crap. So when she finally opens up, Hendrix is infuriated the most. And hurt. Reagan has to make him trust her again. But their time together may be cut short if Kane has any say in the matter.

I’d made a lot of mistakes with Kane and every one of them could be summed up with me letting him live.

I was reading along thinking that Higginson was going to give us a filler episode. You know, one of those filler books to pass the time, letting us know what all has been happening. One of those episodes where nothing big happens to them. And I will be the first to tell you that these people need a little less excitement in their lives. But this was not that episode. Half way in things take a turn for the worst. And by worst I mean Kane. And by Kane I mean SHIZNIT! I had second thoughts plaguing my mind about that certain someone. Oh yes, Higginson is a pro at dishing out characters that have us questioning our sanity. It is like I know I shouldn’t like him. He is after all evil. But there is something about him that pulls me in. I’ve mentioned before it is probably the glasses. Yeah, it is the glasses…

“Last time I let you this close, you tried to kill me.” He sounded tortured… haunted by the memory.
And I really couldn’t blame him.
“I’m glad you didn’t die,” I told him. My hand cupped his jaw as if by a decision I didn’t consciously make. I didn’t understand this soft spot I had for him. I hated him as much as I wanted to protect him. I believed he was as evil as I believed he was capable of redemption. And every one of my conscious thoughts condemned him while my unconscious ones whispered promises of a better man.


So by now my heart is nearly beating out of my chest. I just know this is the end of Reagan and Hendrix. I just know that Kane is going to end it all for them. And maybe he did. Maybe he is going to end them once and for all. But I cannot tell you what happened. Oh no, you must read this one for yourselves. One thing is for sure...nothing will ever be the same. Not for Hendrix and most certainly not for Reagan. Emotions play a huge role! Mercy! I cannot wait to see what happens next. This series is undoubtedly one of my most favorite books that I look forward too. I crave it with everything I have. I need more. I have to have more. It is more than just another zombie book! 5 Fleshy Stars!