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Consequence (Significance, #4.5)

Consequence (Significance, #4.5) - Shelly Crane Just when everything is going smoothly in their lives, the Watsons try to screw it all up for Caleb and Maggie. And that is fine. They can deal with those idiots. But when they want to include Ava, Maggie and Caleb's daughter, well, they have another thing coming. No one is going to mess with their children. No one.

Consequence is a great story that is packed full of suspense and intrigue. You wouldn't think it would be since it is a short story, but it is. I was pleasantly surprised with all I found in this little gem of a story. The romance was still there, just like I remembered it. The characters are still fantastic and very much like a family I haven't seen in some time. The storyline was fabulous, which I wouldn't have expected anything less. I was happy with it from start to finish. But the best part? My most absolute favorite of favs part? That would be the lead up to the next book in the series. I so cannot wait to see what Crane has in store for these people. Especially Ava.

A definite must read for fans of the Significance series.