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First: A Crescent Chronicles Novella (The Crescent Chronicles)

First - Alyssa Rose Ivy I have always wondered what it was like when cocky Levi's charming ways went unnoticed, well somewhat unnoticed, by Allie we they first met. It had to have been a burn to his high flying ego. And in some ways it was. Poor guy. Never been told no before until Allie. Now he is constantly getting told it from every angle. But he doesn't let that two letter word deter him. In fact, it only makes him try harder.

Great little novella. Only problem for me was that it ended. I needed to see his side of things as things progressed. But I still loved what Ivy gave us and I really cannot complain. It was a fabulous little read and we get Levi. So yeah, things are good and I will take what I can get.

Definitely something you don't want to read first in the series if you have yet to read any of the books. But if you have at least read FLIGHT, then I say get at it. This is just a fun addition to a stellar series. One of my most favorite series ever actually. 5 Feathery Stars!