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In the End (Quarantined #2)

In the End (Quarantined #2) - Tracey  Ward The nightmares will still come for us. They always do. There’s nothing either of us can ever do to make them stop. But at least we know we won’t face them alone.

Taking up right where UNTIL THE END left off, we are on the road with Syd, Jordan and Alissa as they try to out run the dead in search of life. Syd has his thoughts on what they should do and so does Jordan. Both are butting heads and in turn, Alissa is caught in the middle. With stress at an all-time high, and nothing but an RV as their sanctuary, the tension is flaring. Jordan and Alissa are constantly fighting as they remember their painful past their bleak future. Is this relationship doomed before it even starts? Has the world given up on those trapped within the Quarantine? Is a cure just a far-fetched dream?

Although I understood where Jordan’s anger was coming from in IN THE END, it didn’t make me like the way he was acting towards Alissa at times. He seemed like a flight risk throughout the read, until he would remember his promise to her to never leave, and that didn’t sit right with me. I mean, I love that he would stand by his word, but I hated that his feelings weren’t there a lot of the time. I don’t know, maybe I am just reading between the lines and that isn’t at all how it really was. I do get that stress will make you do crazy things. So maybe that is it. Because lord have mercy they were under constant stress. That much is true. But in the end, I still loved him. Always will.

Alissa learns something very startling about her Uncle in book 1 and it plays a huge role in this one. She can no longer look at things from her old perspective, everything is different and must be seen in a new light. And Jordan knows that all too well. This book being in Jordan’s POV we see how this new revelation affects not only Alissa and Syd, but him as well. He has to keep his guard up more and I can see how that plays with his emotions.

IN THE END was such a fabulous zombie read and a definite page turner. We were doing some flooring work at our house, so I wasn’t able to pull an all nighter and finish it like I wanted to; like the book was calling me to do. Although I can see how it could be one that someone reads all the way through without stopping. You never want to put the book down. It is that intense and that suspenseful.

This series had me all kinds of crazy. My nerves were shot, my heart near exploding, and my taste for zombies went tenfold. I couldn't believe how much I adored this book! I am telling anyone and everyone that will listen to get this series! It is a must read!! Like you must get it today. Now! Oh yeah, I’ll be moving on to the spin off series soon. WRITING ON THE WALL is the first book in the Survival series. And I cannot wait to start it. This author has a new fangirl and it is me!