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Unraveled - Jen Frederick I do believe that this one was my favorite of the series so far. Absolutely loved it. Absolutely loved Gray. Now don't get me wrong, I loved Noah and Bo, too. But there was something about Gray that had me a goner from the start. He is such a wonderful guy. He just has this fear of relationships due to a girlfriend hurting him in the past. It was something he was not willing to be put through again. So, he just did the Friends with Benefits thing. And up until now, that was working for him. Little did he know a short, blonde girl was about to wreak havoc on his world.

Sam is one of those characters you feel for from the start. I hurt for her past...being widowed just months after being married. And even though it took 2 years to work past the pain, she realized it was time to step out of her self-made grave of mourning. And on her first trip out, the girl did pretty good for herself. Gray was her best possible choice in my opinion.

The story was beyond amazing, beyond hot, and beyond romantic. Who though knitting could be so adorable? I enjoyed every second of the story, every single word. I couldn’t put it down. So far that has been my only problem with books by Frederick. Not really a problem, per se, but gosh! She never leaves a dull moment for you to say 'Now is a good time for that potty break.' Nuh uh. You have to keep reading and reading and reading. And that is fine by me.

Frederick does such an awesome job capturing those feelings of first love, summer love. Nothing like summer love, is there? Yes, this book was flippin great and yes, I absolutely recommend it. Now time to go fan myself....