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Lucky Number Four

Lucky Number Four - Amanda Jason This was a good read. Not exactly a great one. But a good one. I loved the storyline even though it was a bit much at times. A couple things were repetitive. Let's get to that shall we?

I get Dora has red hair. But to be reminded every other paragraph was overkill. And the author made it seem as if Dora was repulsive with it. I know that is just the way Dora saw herself, but I actually think that red headed girls are pretty. And the constant day dreaming or off in some other thought had me wondering about Dora's mental stability. It was so constant that if I heard 'Earth to Dora' one more time I was going to hurl my nook across the room. Yes, it was that much.

Another part of the story that had me scratching my head was the constant need to worry about the door man. Every time she entered the lobby we had to hear if he was working or not. And then nothing ever came of it. Unless of course I missed that part that explained the need to inform us of his lack of employment. I don't know. That part was just too odd for me.

Like I mentioned earlier, I did love the idea of the storyline. I loved not knowing which of the guys liked Dora. It was definitely a mystery in itself. It had me guessing if it was Colin, Liam, or Drew. Just when I was wishing it was one guy, I would have a change of heart and start wishing for another. I loved not knowing who it was…the fun is in the guessing.

I really wish I could say that I was in love with this story, but it just wasn't there for me. I still would recommend it, because I definitely didn't hate it. In fact, the last forth of the book I read like a mad woman trying to see how it all would end for Dora and her mystery man. Some parts were a little hard to swallow but all in all it was a good read. 4 'Lucky' stars for me!