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Burned: A Donovan Circus Novel

Burned, A Donovan Circus Novel - Liz Long There should be a label printed clearly on Lucy's forehead: Where ever I go, trouble is sure to follow. Because that is a fact if there ever was one. Poor girl, no matter her intentions, stirs it up it somehow.

Lucy and her band of misfits is off in search of another circus of Gifted. Donovan sends them in hopes of getting an alliance together for when it comes time to defend themselves against Medved. Only it won't be an easy feat. They must convince Grayson's crew they can be trusted and this is the only sure fire way of assuring their protection. But some people will be a little harder to convince than others.

The whole first half of the book was pretty slow and I hate to admit this, but boring. It seemed the entire time lots of 'conversations and meetings' were happening. Snore! Nothing really came from the convos and some seemed repeated. But I hung in there. I knew Long wouldn't let me down. I knew she had something bigger coming and I wanted to wait and see what it was. And lo and behold, I was right!

The second half of the book picked up speed and took off! I couldn't believe how enthralled I was with it. It literally took every last ounce of energy I had to force myself to put the book down and finish it the next day. I didn’t want to stop but I was sleep deprived. This ending begged for my all my attention and by golly I needed to give it. This is only fair.

The mystery I found in the first book was still there. Just a different mystery this time around. I was scared for the group and the ending I was sure I saw coming. From the way the story is told, their future seemed bleak and rather short. And I gotta tell you, Long is a master at keeping you guessing. You never know what is going to happen.

While I wasn't crazy about who Lucy chooses to be with, I can't say I blame her. And yeah, that is all I am giving you. This is a huge part of the book. Thankfully you don't have the whole love triangle aspect bearing down on you and distracting you from the story. So that was a relief. But it does nag at your from time to time throughout. Because it really is a mystery in itself as to who she will end up with.

I recommend this story especially if you have read GIFTED. I think it is an excellent addition to the series and people will enjoy the suspense and mystery. While the romance didn't play a large role in this one, it was still an enjoyable read. And even though there was closure, the author left it open to at least another book. I am hoping she does continue on with the series.