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Hunting the Moon

Hunting the Moon - Becca Boucher A long time ago, Boucher approached me to beta a little of what she had wrote. It was good. Darn good in fact. I would find myself wondering what became of those characters and if the mystery that surrounded them was ever solved. My interest was definitely peaked.

Fast forward to present time and I am finally able to see what happened to everyone involved. Boucher has now published her debut book and I got to tell you, I really liked the story line and the uniqueness of it all. This read was beyond creepy and packed full of suspense. I loved that about it. Know what else I loved? The romance. It was sweet and the attraction was instant. Daemon and Lilly make one hell of a team. And together they set off to find out why her husband’s ghost is back. Even if it costs them their lives.

I had one problem with the book though. There were a handful of errors and word usage throughout the story. Simple things that should have been caught. A little more cleaning up and this story would have been 5 huge stars.