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Truths and Dares (Truths and Dares, #1)

Truths and Dares (Truths and Dares, #1) - Amity Hope Just going to lay this out there, take it how you want, but Hope is one hell of an author. She is scribbling out stories of teenagers in all their angst glory. I fell in love with Hope's writing and storytelling with her book, TWISTED, not long ago. Couldn't get that story or those characters out of my head. I immediately took to Facebook spouting to anyone and everyone that they should read this book. Not only was it intense it was emotion as well. So very emotional.

With this story, I expected it not to be as intense and emotional and I was right. The sort of drama I found in TWISTED wasn't in this one, but it was still such an amazing read. Now, I am not saying the intensity wasn’t there, it just slid in on the backside of the story, where it could really pack a punch. The book ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger but it ends well. You don't feel jipped for plowing through the book not to get a decent ending. But I can promise you that readers will definitely be looking forward to SECRETS AND LIES.

I love the relationship Seth and Harper shared. Both grew up being each other’s best friend and both were secretly in love with each other. Yes, even at the tender age of 14 the feelings of love were there. I am just thankful the author went about that part in a way that didn't feel like she had to cram the young love down our throat as to get her point across, like I have seen done before. She knew exactly what to give us and make it seem real. But fate being the cruel heartless wantch she is, stepped in. Harper had to move away to Florida with her newly divorced mom...away from her dad and brother, away from her friends, and more importantly, away from Seth.

Moving away tore Harper up but it tore Seth up as well. His life started spiraling out of control soon after. But that is his story to tell. So you are just going to have to read it to know him and understand what went wrong.

Like I mentioned earlier, Hope is a genius of a story teller. She has a way of pulling you smack dab into the story and holding your interest hostage up until the very end. I couldn't walk away from this book any long period of time. It beckoned me to come back and finish what I started, and so I did. Quickly! Pick up this story and you'll find you won't be able to resist its charms either.