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Kiss Me at Midnight

Kiss Me at Midnight - Diane Alberts,  Jen McLaughlin Ashley would like nothing more than to ring in the new year with a little bit of frisky business. And if it just so happens to be with the boy who broke her heart way back when, then so be it. It's not like one night of pleasure will mean anything in the morning, right? Wrong. Because soon, one night turns into a weekend of fun...and feelings. Feelings both Ashley and Ethan thought were long over with. But come Monday morning, will either one be able to walk away? Or is the past too much for Ethan to overcome?

I love the chemistry between these two, as if not a day had gone by that they haven't been friends. Let alone nearly a decade. When these two reunite once again, they find that the feelings are still there. And oh boy, so is the passion. Get ready...because this is a hot one. Things get scorching quickly in this quick read!

If you are a fan of the hot stuff...the down-and-dirty New Adult genre...then this is the book for you. I haven't read any of Albert's stuff until now, but I have read her alter ego, Jen McLaughlin's work and I can say I like them both. I suggest you check this one out!