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Sun & Moon: Book 1 in The Minstrel Series - a Contemporary Romance

Sun & Moon - Lee Strauss As with all of Strauss' books I really enjoyed this one. I enjoyed the characters and the story they told. You could almost say this was a modern day, foreign version of PRETTY WOMAN. Even the main character of the story compared herself to Julia Roberts at one point. And I just loved this girl. She has been through so much and still manages to find a way to make her dreams come true. Even if it is not the success seen in the eyes of others...it is a success to her. She is living her dream.

One part I wasn't absolutely fond of was the way some of the story and feelings seemed rushed. It was like the story was going at a great pace...then it felt fast forward at times...then back to a slower pace. I don't want to be rushed when I am getting to know characters and watching their feelings grow for one another. It's just not real life to me.

But even so, I still liked where the author took the characters and the story. This author took a great idea and made it into a beautiful story full of romance and suspense. You have no idea what Micah is going through but even so, you see him becoming a better person right before your eyes. And when we do learn his secret it is easy to see that he was becoming a better person all thanks to Katja. I rooted for these characters hard and needed them to find their happiness....together! Now whether or not they do, well, that is something you will have to find out for yourself. But the story is great and the romance is there. Yes, a sweet must read! 4 Beautiful stars!