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Max Lucado

Love and Decay, Volume One (Love and Decay #1-6)

Love and Decay, Volume One (Love and Decay #1-6) - Rachel Higginson If you are reading this review you are probably trying to decide if you should pick up this volume of books by Higginson. The answer is absolutely! With each episode you get zombies, suspense and romance. The perfect recipe for total awesomeness. You will be following the lives of Reagan, Haley and the Parker family as they travel across the desolate U S of A in search of a better life away from the hordes of zombies and those out to cause evil since the government no longer exists. Once you are done with the first episode you will be calling these characters family and will care about their wellbeing. Settle in and kick back...this is one hell of a journey you are about to partake in.