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Blue Lines (Assassins, #4)

Blue Lines (Assassins, #4) - Toni Aleo I have been waiting forever it seems for this book to come out. Yes, from the moment I finished EMPTY NET I was a mess.I even remember talking to a fellow blogger on the phone about what the hell was up with the ending of EMPTY NET. Who was Piper's baby daddy. At the time we had no idea and Aleo was Fort Knox with any indications. But as time passed and info was given...I couldn't wait to see what Aleo had in store for us concerning Piper and Erik.

The story was excellent. Even though some of the fights these two had seemed repetitive, I still devoured it up quickly. Oh yeah, the wait for this book was most definitely worth it. I was in a complete book funk from my previous read, but this one quickly brought me out of it. Aleo's sassy characters and saucy storyline was enough to have me smiling through the entire read. And panting...cannot forget panting.

Erik is not my favorite of Toni's men...not even close. This guy irked me from the start. I was so sick of his moaning of how Piper had ruined his life and calling her names from the moment she told him. As if it was all her fault in the first place that she got pregnant. Sure she went about it all wrong in letting him know she was carrying his child, but dude, it takes two to tango. Even though I didn't care much for him in the beginning I ended up falling for him in the end. He really came around and I couldn't help but throw my support behind him.

BLUE LINES is a fabulous read...a definite must read if you are following the series. If you haven't picked up the others before it...I recommend you do so. Each book is about a different couple, but the others are always popping in and out of the books. So get the previous books and get to know them all. You will be glad you did.

I loved this line in the book....
"Shea is a beast, Lucas, you know that. He is the Chuck Norris of baby making and life; you don't mess with Shea," Tate said with an awe look on his face.