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All the Pretty Lies (Pretty, #1)

All the Pretty Lies (Pretty, #1) - M. Leighton Leighton has done it once again. She gives us the characters we love and the storyline we ache to read. ALL THE PRETTY LIES was absolutely fabulous and left me happy and eager for the next one.

Man, I just loved these characters so very much. Hemi and Sloane were both feisty and fun...complicated and endearing...protective and loving. In the beginning I felt a connection with them. I felt like I knew them even though we only just met them. From the start it is a given that Hemi and Sloane were holding back secrets of their own. I knew those secrets had to be pretty darn important to the story. But I had no idea how much so. And when all gets revealed, lives will be forever changed. Nothing will be left untouched. You will be hurting right along with these characters. You want to believe the best in people. And sometimes it is not enough. But sometimes you are surprised in what you find. Pleasantly surprised. Yes, this story was just a hot mess of emotions. BAH!! I mean it...HOT.MESS.OF.EMOTIONS.

Loved the secondary characters as well, even Sloane's overprotective brothers. But I think my most favorite was Sarah. That girl was a hoot and had a lot of 'sound' advice for Sloane. I am truly hoping that she will be in book two, ALL THE PRETTY POSES. I really need to hear her story. Would it be so bad to throw Sig in there as well? Pretty please, Leighton? {insert puppy dog eyes here}

If you adored Leighton's BAD BOY series, I really think you will definitely love this one. The suspense is similar and really adds to the storyline. I was loving the fact that the story wasn’t focused just on Sloane losing her virginity, becoming her own self and all that it entails. I was needing a story that was not just fun but one that has a meaty storyline. And ALL THE PRETTY LIES did. It has one heck of an amazing storyline that is mysterious and suspenseful. Really loved where Leighton took the story and man did she own it! But the best part was the romance. In my opinion it was far better than what Leighton has done before. And we all know she can write the romance. I was floating during those scenes and couldn't get enough.

ALL THE PRETTY LIES is an absolute page turner that reigned me in from the first few lines and held my attention until the very last word. Undoubtedly my most favorite story by this amazing author! I will be adding this to the short stack of my 'want to read again books'. Leighton gets 5 glorious stars from me!!