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Twisted - Amity Hope,  Hope Juliot Remember a long time ago I thought GOING UNDER by Georgia Cates was a book on mermaids? I mean just look at the cover. And then there was that time I thought GAMES OF FIRE by Airicka Phoenix was paranormal? Well, 4 people did tag it as Paranomral on Goodreads so I wasn't too far off. Except neither of them were. But anyhow, back to this book. I was reading along wondering when the super/paranormal action was gonna jump out at me. Sadly, there was nothing (no tags, no covers) that would have me thinking this would be a super/paranormal read. NOTHING. So why am I half way through the book still wondering when Maya would spout some fire out of her fingers or when Ben would turn into a werewolf? Sometimes I wonder about myself. I really do.

But got to admit, this book was seriously good. If Lila Felix (author of the LOVE AND SKATE series and many other fabulous books) recommends it and says it's awesome...then it is awesome. I was immediately immersed in the story and the mystery that surrounds Ben. People in small towns are known for their 'quick to judgment' attitudes and will usually stand by them until the day they die. And these people are no different. But it is the kids and teens that are usually the worse. Thankfully Maya arrived and shook things up a bit.

The characters are a fantastic mix of ones you will love or ones you will hate. I found myself really loving Maya and how she would stand up to those who were cruel and vicious to Ben. She wasn't one to believe the rumors about him and was instantly drawn to him. She definitely has a good heart. But there were the other characters in the book I could have done without. I wasn't crazy about her friend Olivia. She may have been popular and pretty but her heart was ugly and easily corrupted. And I won't even say what I feel about Alec besides that he is a vile human being with a very disturbed mind.

And if there ever was a character that I felt the need to reach in and comfort…it was Ben. Never before have I been pulled to a hurting character before than I have with him. I was seriously pissed at the people in that town and wanted to strangle each and every one of them for their narrow minds and sour hearts. This guy is hurting and no one would step up to support him and offer him friendship.

It was a heartbreaking story and I found it hard to read through at times. But I did and I am very glad. This story was just so amazing. It pulls at you from the start and before you know it, you find yourself completely devoured and your heart is in tiny bite size pieces. Love books that rip that kind of emotion out of you.

Rambled a bit longer than I planned, but hope you got that this is one book you should not pass up. I recommend it with everything in me.