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Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl

Love and Decay, Boy Meets Girl - Rachel Higginson Until an hour ago, I hadn’t realized what a state of undead I’d fallen into. Sure, I fought daily to kill real Zombies; but somewhere along the way I’d become one myself.

Ever since the first episode of LOVE AND DECAY, I have always wondered what Hendrix's thoughts of Reagan was. To me he came off cold and insensitive when I read that scene of them actually meeting for the very first time. But now I understand that wasn't it at all. From the moment he lays eyes on her, he is overcome by her beauty and her fierceness. Reagan awakens something in him that has been dead for nearly two years.

We had already experienced more loss than we ever should have.
And I would never go through that again- I would never give up those I loved to this world and the evil creatures that haunted it again.


Hendrix has always made his family priority one. No one will come between them and tear their family apart anymore than what has already been done. He will protect them at all cost. You gotta give it to him...the guy is devoted and dedicated to taking care of them at such a young age. Not many would do what he has done. A lot would have jumped ship along time ago. I can only imagine the stress he is under.

Incredible story and a perfect addition to the series. I could definitely get used to more of Hendrix's POV. But really, who wouldn't want more Hendrix? Higginson, thank you once again for proving what an amazing author you are and giving us all this quick insight into Hendrix's head. I love him and I am thankful every time you publish one of these bad boys. Much love!