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Blood Debt (Touched Series Book 1)

Blood Debt (Touched Series Book 1) - Nancy Straight “What if I just want to be normal?”
“Normal isn’t an option when you’re extraordinary.” Chris put his hand on mine and gave it a gentle squeeze, “You are extraordinary, Camille. Choose wisely.”


I don't know what took me so long to get to this one. Straight stole my heart with her Destiny series, so I should have known this one would be just as excellent. And boy was it! Straight has this flawless way of moving you from what you think is a contemporary read into something para/supernatural. Everything flows and you feel as if this world has been here all along. And I do believe I have never read a Centaur story before. So that made this a fun, unique read for me.

I enjoyed Cami's character so much. She is a head strong girl that knows what she wants and won't let anyone persuade her otherwise. Even with all this newness being thrown at her as the story starts out, she still manages to keep her head on straight and not let it sway her. No matter the traditions she is introduced to, she is bound and determined to still lead her life her way. And throughout the entire book, she keeps that determination.

The storyline is one that is sort of two fold. As you are reading you think that it is all about her new life meeting her new family. But there are secrets that lead Cami off into a different direction. This secrets are sinister and evil, and completely take Cami (and the reader) by surprise. I found myself really worrying for Cami's safety and sanity. It was definitely a scary situation that she found herself in. And the shock and awe’s were enough to have me fearing for the worse. Well played, Straight. Well played!

What I thought would be a book with minimal romance really surprised me in the end. I was very happy with how everything lead up to the ending, especially the romance. I do love some romance, but I was glad the whole book wasn’t centered on only that. There was more story and that was fine with me.

Great read…a definite recommend! I am reading book 2 now, so I hope you look forward to reading that review when I get done. 5 stars!!