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Out of Time (Out of Line #2) (Volume 2)

Out of Time - Jen McLaughlin, Diane Alberts One phone call is all it takes to turn Finn and Carrie's world upside down. The crazy thing is they have no idea what is in store for them. And not knowing is what is tearing them up inside. They won't know what it is about until Finn reports in on the weekend. It could be deployment or it could be that Carrie's father knows all about them.

"I've never been scared of anything before. Guns. Surfing. War. But now I have the biggest fear of all-losing you."

It's ok if you swooned a little. Or a lot. I know I did.

I was in utter turmoil after finishing this book. On one hand I am happy with how it ended. We finally get a little peace after the tension was festering throughout the book. But on the other hand, we get a wee bit of a cliffhanger. Enough of one to have us anticipating what is to come for Finn and Carrie. I really cannot divulge much more or I would spoil all the fun for you guys. But I am excited over it. I am eager to see what McLaughlin has up her literary sleeve for these two. I am sure it will be a doozy.

Finn is still Finn in this book. Let's face it... the guy is rough around the edges but oh so adorable. And those rough and tough edges are what gets his brain teetering. He is worried about his future with Carrie and will try to smooth his edges out for the better of their relationship. Carrie doesn't take to well to these changes and wants her old Finn back. Problems will arise within a week’s time for these two and it will seem time in not on their side. Will they work it out in time or will they find it has gotten away from them?

If you read OUT OF LINE and you are reading this review, I assume you are eager to dive into OUT OF TIME. Am I correct? Well, I loved everything about it. It was steamy, it was suspenseful waiting and wondering, and it was perfection. I am so happy with where McLaughlin took this story. At the end, I predicted how parts of it would go down, and even though I was right, I was still very pleased and even a bit surprised. I gladly recommend this book to those who not only love Finn and Carrie, but love New Adult reads as well. 5 awesome stars from me!