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Origin (Lux)

Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout **As with all my reviews on books of a series, please do not read if you have yet to read the books before it. It could contain spoilers for those books**

Whoa oh whoa! So far, 4 books in and this is my favorite of them all. I inhaled it and I devoured it…like an ARUM feasting on a Luxen Hybrid.*snickers* I just love this series so very much. And have I ever mentioned that I love the fact that Kat is a book blogger? I LOVE that about her so much. It was a character that was made for us bloggers. We can relate. We get her. She gets us. A match made in book heaven.

We all know that at the end of OPAL that Kat gets caught by Daedalus and Daemon is a man that is pissed off. Like royally. He is about to do whatever it takes to get his girl back safe and sound. I feel sorry for the poor souls that get in the way. And yeah, the first half of the series is great. Even though it is intense it is good. And Daemon just keeps surprising me with each and every book. I love this man something fierce. He loves with all his heart and Kat is his number one priority. I think that is just beautiful and amazing. Then he goes and pulls a douchery move and reminds us he is still Daemon.

But it is the last part of the book that was beyond intense. It was freakin crazy. Chapter 25 was a definite swoony chapter. Daemon proves once again why we all love him. Chapter 26 and 27 held the 'Oh No He Didn't' moment of the book. I was ready to punch someone...in the face...with a building. He deserved everything he got. Who? I ain't telling. Chapter 28? Lord have mercy. All hell breaks loose. But it was the very last chapter...the very last couple of sentences that through me in a tizzy. That was the moment I thought 'what the eff?'

Now to sit here and twiddle my thumbs waiting for OPPOSITION. I don't think I can wait until August. Oh goodness me, I need that book. I need more Daemon.