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Opal (A Lux Novel)

Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout **As with all my reviews on books of a series, please do not read if you have yet to read the books before it.**

I was so happy when OPAL made its way to the library for me to pick up and partake in. I was so excited to start it and see what mess Katy and Daemon find themselves in this time. But I was reminded once I started what went down in ONYX. Wow! How could I forget? I am so lame that I forgot we lost Adam. And Dee is most likely never going to forgive Katy for keeping her out of the loop. But as the story goes on, the group finds themselves in a bigger mess. How can it get bigger? Trust me, it can...and it does.

I was very, very happy with the romance in this one. Thankfully Daemon is not quite the cocky turd head he has been in the past. (After reading book one, OBSIDIAN, I was contemplating not moving on to ONYX. But I am so glad I did.) He is definitely more swoonier and showing his feelings for Katy.

Mind was blown with the ending. So not what I was expecting. I really thought that it would end differently. But am I upset? Heck no! I immediately started on my *cough* signed *cough* copy of ORIGIN. I had to know what the flip was going to happen. And I must say...I love when a guy in a story absolutely loses it over his girl. Actions definitely speak louder than words. I know it did for Daemon.

Again, probably preaching to the Daemon Invasion Choir here...but this is a must read series. Love it and cannot get enough of it.