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With Every Heartbeat (Cities of Love)

With Every Heartbeat (Cities of Love) - Melody Grace Usually I would start immediately on a review the minute I finish a book. But for some reason I needed a good night’s sleep to think on it with this one. Did I enjoy the book? Sure I did. Did I like the characters? Absolutely. Was I in love with this read? Not really. Now I wasn't in love with the story, but I did enjoy it. I love this author’s ability to take us to another country without us having to step foot in said country. Not a lot of authors can do that without blabbing on too much and boring the reader to death. But Grace did an excellent job.

I think what got me was everything happened too quickly. I thought the coming together of the characters was short lived and then the ending felt thrust upon us. This is totally different than what I was used to with Grace's other work. I did however like that the author didn't wrap everything up in the end. There was still a sense that Annalise was working through some things and it was ok that she didn't know what she wanted to do just yet. That definitely made it all a bit more believable.

Now, I did however love the romance the story told. Even though it happened somewhat quickly, I was absolutely smitten with Raphael and Annalise. I would have loved to have seen their romance play out a little longer than what it did, but it was still intense and undeniable. The romantic scenes were just that…romantic. That is one thing I have always loved about Grace’s writing. She gives us some scorching romance that makes all hearts swoon.

Would I recommend this story to others? Sure thing! I didn't hate the story. I simply just enjoyed it. It has a wonderful story line and some fun characters that is sure to catch a lot of reader's attention. Pick it up and see what you think! 4 Stars for me!!