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Must Love Otters

Must Love Otters - Eliza Gordon Hollie is taking her father's gift of a paid vaca to a luxury resort in Canada after dumping her loser boyfriend of 2 years. Sure the rash plans were made while drunk off her butt, but sometimes those are the best times to make plans, right? Ok, maybe not. Only when she boards a dismal looking sea plane does she really start to regret this trip. Only when the door to the plane flies open midflight does she confirm that this was absolutely the worst idea ever. Only when she is having to scale down the side the resort naked, does she seriously think WTH? Could this vaca get any worse? Yes, yes it can. But I will let you read everything else that happens to go wrong with Hollie on your own. Trust me, you are going to want to read about it all.

Want to know the cure to a horrid migraine? This book! I laughed my rear off with this one. Yes, laughter may not be the best thing for a migraine, and yeah, it may not have actually cured it. But I was seriously forgetting about it for moments at a time once I started reading this book.

9 Pages in and I was so hooked on this read. The sarcastic banter that was slathered throughout this story had me rolling and laughing out loud. After a few times of asking 'What's so funny' and me telling the hubs it was this amazing book, he quit asking. One of my most favorite moments (out of so many) was when Hollie was giving the devil goat Codeine pills. Yes, harsh and definitely not PETA approved, but so utterly funny. Don’t worry. No goats were harmed in the making of this story. Well, maybe.

It was like this author wrote this book with me and my stupid personality in mind. Everything that Hollie thought (and she has some off the chart thoughts) was something I would have thought. Like she shared my same sick, twisted, dry humor. I dig this chick and think we could possibly be BFFs but sadly she isn't even real. Darn. Hmm, does the author need a new BFF? Now there is an idea!

The story line was absolutely fabulous. Just when you think you’ve read this story before, low and behold, you find it isn’t much different. (Thought I was going to say if was completely different than others out there?) Well yeah, it is the same as others out there. Girl dumps boyfriend. Girl goes on vacation to forget the dismal life she leads. Girl meets guy that helps her forget said dismal life. Girl finds out she is an idiot. Girl falls for the guy she is supposed to find. Girl goes home broken hearted. I think that about sums it up. Well, not really. Even though it is sort of the same as other books, it is the stuff that is peppered in between all that, that makes it different. That makes it great. That makes it sweet. All of it, bundled together is what made this book my favorite of the year so far.

MUST LOVE OTTERS is most definitely, most absolutely, a book I recommend to anyone and everyone. I want you to read this book. I need you all to read this book. Ok, enough gushing…GO READ!!