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Love and Decay, Episode Ten (Love and Decay #10)

Love and Decay, Episode Ten (Love and Decay #10) - Rachel Higginson Could the groups trek to the South finally be coming to an end? It looks as if they are finally coming to terms that it may be time to quit traveling and put down some roots, if even for a little bit. Now the only problem left to contend with is Kaneā€¦the big, broody elephant in the room.

Kane was attractive, gorgeous even. And he had this whole aura of mystery that was a little bit enticing, if I was honest with myself. But that was it.
On the inside he was a hollow, cruel person that lost his moral compass a while ago. The moments he was anything more were just that, momentsā€¦glimpses of a person that ceased to exist when Zombies became out reality.


Going to be flat out honest with you...the ending to this one sucked. Big time. Higginson did another amazing job writing this one and giving us another nail biting, suspenseful read. But really? I am just not liking the predicament that Reagan has found herself once again. This girl is marked for bad luck and poor company. Ugh! There was supposed to be chocolates and flowers at the end. This is not the romance I signed up for. Where is my chocolates and flowers and declarations of love??

All sarcasm aside, I did really love this one. It definitely has you thinking and wondering what is going to happen with Reagan. Not going to give away what situation she has found herself in, but it is a doozy. All I know Hendrix is going to come in blazing in the next one that is for sure. He has to! I just hate that we have to wait 2 whole weeks before we get to see it.

As the series continues, the intensity and suspense increases with every turn of the page. This series is a must read for anyone with a zombie fetish and a love for romance. And even though I complained about the ending and how it sucked...5 stars all the way!