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Love and Decay, Episode Nine (Love and Decay #9)

Love and Decay, Episode Nine (Love and Decay #9) - Rachel Higginson This is the end of the world. This was it. In all its deathly, gruesome glory. This was nightmares come to life-biggest fears, unthinkable dangers, the chilling, grisly menace of trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

And one thought kept running through my head. What if this wasn't the end of the world? What if this was only the beginning.


Never able to catch a break, the group is back on the run. But this time, a certain person has caught up to them. Kane. Reagan's fears of him finding her and making good on his last promise to her is now a reality. Fortunately he is very badly hurt and being the good people they are, they won't leave him stranded and unable to protect himself. So the plan is to get him better and leave him on the side of the road. Alone. But in the time of the zombies, no one is safe.

Wow oh wow! I know I keep saying this in each and every review of LOVE AND DECAY, but this one was probably the most intense to me. You want zombies galore? You got'em! No matter where the group is, there is zombies at every turn. You'd think they would get a break at some point. But where would be the fun in that?

Reagan is still struggling with her feelings for Hendrix, but it is becoming a little easier for her as the time goes on. I think she is starting to realize that it is ok to love and be loved...even in a zombie apocalypse. But with the added complication of Kane, her feelings for Hendrix might have to take a back seat until they can figure out what they are going to do with him.

I look forward to this series every 2 weeks. It is like my brain knows it is time for another episode to come out and I have to have it. Thankfully, we will get a special Halloween edition next week too! This short story series is most definitely a must read.