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Deja Blue (Ruby Blue, #2)

Deja Blue (Ruby Blue, #2) - Julie Cassar Ruby is starting to learn a few things about herself this summer. She is realizing that when the dragon from the first book bit her, well, he left her with a few gifts. Thankfully not of the scaly variety. But not only is she coping with her new abilities, she is sensing something sinister is watching her. Then add her newly devolved Mer-drama into the mix and Ruby has come to one conclusion: this is so not the summer she signed up for.

This series is so unbelievably cute. Absolutely perfect for anyone who loves YA reads and fantasy. It is a lighthearted read that as the series continues starts adding a little more drama than we saw in the first one. With DEJA BLUE we not only get our 2 favorite fairies, Brennan and Anya, we also get trolls and mermaids thrown in! How awesome is that? Cassar did an amazing job continuing on with Ruby's story and I absolutely look forward to more.

One thing I did tire of hearing was Ruby referring to her boyfriend as Mr. Hottness. For a girl who is about to be 18, it seemed a little childish. Maybe I am just so old and decrypted I don't realize that teen girls at that age are saying that. But it would rub me the wrong way when it seemed to be said over and over again. Now don’t get me wrong…I love Nick. To a certain degree. I always felt he was kept at arm’s reach from the readers. Like we never really got the chance to get to know him, know him. After finishing DEJA BLUE I am beginning to understand why. A new development will leave us all a bit frazzled. But in a good way…at least for me.

What will this new development mean for Ruby? Oh I a guess a whole lot of headaches and some heartaches as well. But I am actually really excited about where the series is going. So much so I immediately started SKY BLUE the minute I finished DEJA BLUE.

A definite must read!!