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Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken Not Stirred - Alyssa Rose Ivy SHAKEN NOT STIRRED is a fantastic read that I found increasingly hard to put down as the story flowed. I read through the first half quickly and couldn't wait to get back to it the next day. This book was so darn interesting and entertaining. Of course I knew it would be. Ivy is an extraordinary author that brings even the simplest of stories to life. And the romance was so absolutely perfect. I was smiling all the way through with this one.

Maddy was such a great character. I loved her witty sense of humor and the crazy predicaments she'd find herself in. She also had an odd obsession. Every Thursday night while working as a bartender, she would try to find the perfect drink for the local musician, Lyle. Maddy is usually able to figured out everyone's perfect drink who find themselves seated at her bar. But Lyle was a different case. Never saying more than 3 words to her and rarely taking more than a few sips of her drink she presented to him. She was a woman on a mission to know what his drink was and what inspired him to write such beautiful lyrics.

When Maddy finally accepts a date with Collin, a guy who has been after her all summer, she assumes it will be a fun, sexy fling. But Collin is different than any guy she has ever known. He is wanting to take things slow and it is only adding to the sexual tension growing between them. And taking things slow usually means 'relationship' and that is not what Maddy is willing to face. Because facing that would mean she needs to tackle the other problems in her life. Something she'd rather sweep under the rug.

I gotta admit that this read had me scared a few times. Ivy gets you thinking she is about to make a detour with the story and the characters only to right the course and leaving the reader breathing a sigh of relief. At least it was that way for me. It could have been a very awkward read had it went the other way. I think those little twists actually added to the story and enhanced it considerably. But the storyline was fun and I adored it so. I especially loved Maddy's roommates. I need to see if Ivy plans on continuing on with this as a series. Because I could definitely see a great read focusing on Brody and Macon. They have a story to tell and I need to hear it.