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Hold Tight

Hold Tight - Cherie Colyer Oh my goodness, this is going to sound so bad coming from me, but I may have liked the evil guy better in this one. Well, both evil guys. I looked back at my review from way back in Jan 2012 of EMBRACE and saw how I gushed and swooned over Isaac. But when I started reading this one I realized he just wasn't doing it for me in this one. It was Reed and Caden that I found I was leaning towards. I don't remember what all Isaac did in the first book to make me fall for him, but whatever it was, he wasn't doing it in this one.

Ok, I take that back. He was pretty awesome in this one, just didn't have that swoonish vibe coming off him as he did in EMBRACE. I did however love the addition of Reed and Caden. Man those dudes added the hotness to the story. How Madison was able to withstand their charming ways is beyond me. Ok, so maybe she didn't totally withstand them....

Anyhow, back to the review at hand. I absolutely loved the first book and now I am head over heels for this one. HOLD TIGHT was engaging, engrossing and absolutely amazing. The storyline was addictive and I quickly and sweetly inhaled it. Colyer is a fantastic author who expertly brought together the world of witches and faeries in this awesome story. And the only thing I have left to say is....I NEED MORE.

I 100% recommend this story to any and all who enjoy a good witch/faerie read. I found it incredibly hard to put this one down and enjoyed every second of it while I was reading it. Looking forward to more work by Colyer in the future.